Forced update whenever I launch the game

I tried watching an old game which required to download an older version. I thought that it would harmless.

The older version was so big that I cancelled the thing.

Now I am stuck with a constant update of 137MB everytime I launch the game.

I “scanned and repaired” the game which found nothing to repair.

I rebooted my computer.

It’s still here.

I have a weak download rate so it take forever to update and reinstalling (re downloading actually) will take even more forever.


Blizzard ignoring this problem like 2 weeks :slight_smile: they dont care trash company trash solutions :slight_smile:


Same problem here, I thought it was the windows 10 update that caused this problem with the security thing blocking everything its annoying,

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no no just Blizzard being incompetent, lazy and ignorant

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Hi all,

Thanks for the reports!

Just to let you know we’re aware of this issue and working on a fix, though no details or ETA at the moment.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience for now!

you been know this for … how long has been going? ABOUT A MONTH. so i believe we can expect something more than “we’re aware of this” from a multibillion dollar company.

Is there a chance, that someone wanna do hide what has been downloaded to reverse it back? Like crypto miner? xD

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well, it better not be. i mean sex assaults and racism it already killing the Blizzard, now this?? damn to scary to be true

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Since that happened I am getting disconnects during draft mode games. Ip release works, but what is causing this issue. I didn’t have this problem before last patch of HOTS. I don’t play other Blizzard games so I can’t say if other games are impacted by it.

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i did reinstalled the game but didnt helped … 137 MB each time you run the game …
is blizzard going to pay for my 4g bill ? nope

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bump. It’s still happening.


Hey Blizzard,

are you working 30 days to fix this issue? Wow, it must be hard December for you…


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More then 30 days :slight_smile: this bug show more early but not for many peoples if you check force update on sreaching you can find this issue back to half year

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well blizzard seem to abandon this game , so why dont we …
i am not going to redownload this update again
actually i am gonna just uninstall this for good

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