Free hero Rotation API?


Is there a URL which can give me the current free hero rotation in a structured form (JSON, XML, …)?


Not as far as I’ve seen, but I do keep track of the information here, where I add the information when it becomes available on “The Nexus Compendium” (can’t add a link, but it should be easy to locate)

And, as a bonus, I’m also using it to try and predict the upcoming weeks Rotations on the site as well.

What do you plan on using it on? :slight_smile:


I found this if it helps :

I use hots complete and im assuming the dev doesnt manually update the free rotation each week, so you could also try reaching out to them


Bugger, seems like that site is offline for the time being. Looks pretty interesting otherwise.

If anything, I should be able to set up a page that can give the respective data in a more readable manner, depending on the usage.

I’m manually updating my own data, given that I’ve yet to find a way to pull it from somewhere else. Seeing the Collection from outside the game could be fantastic, for instance, now that the Heroic Deals posts/blogs have seemingly stopped.