Freezes during games


I’m having a problem with semi-disconnects during HOTS games.

During the gameplay my game freezes for 2 secs or even 5 secs like there was no internet connection up but my Internet seems fine when this happens usually game speeds up and working normally. This hapens nearly every game and can happen multiple times during one game.

I’m trying to figure out what is causing it because me as well as my internet provider checked everything and Internet seems to be working perfectly fine.

Is there any app I can run during hots play that would tell what is the cause of it or something like that?

I’ll also mention that my fps is perfectly fine, i can play with all on ultra and have max fps, no drops or anything.

My specs are;
Windows 10 Home, x64
ASROCK z270 Pro4
16 gigs DDR 4
Intel I5 7600k

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Hey AnTi,

Having applications running in the background might actually be causing this for you. It might not be a connection issue, but something else trying to take focus in the background.

Please go through the steps to close background applications and retest once done.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately it did not help, i’m still getting freezes during games.
I reinstalled Windows 10 fresh there’s really not much on this PC apart from few Blizzard games, Avast (which i disabled for testing btw), app and the drviers.

Anyway i tried to ping HotS servers IP adress and i do get timeouts sometimes that seems to be consistent with my freezes in HoTS.
Also i run that on different PC and it also gets timeouts.
Any fix for that?


i have exactly the same problem. Also tried reinstalling did not work as well. Its always freezing 1-5 seconds during game and homescreen. All other blizz games work properly (Overwatch, hearhtstone etc.) Also have perfect connection…

pls let me know if u find aynthing helpful

Exactly same problem here. Playing HotS since Alpha version and this starts happening like 2-3 months back…

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u found some solution ?

Hi i’m having the EXACT same problem. Started two days ago. I play on a mac.

No other programms running in the background.

Screen freezes EVERY twio seconds for one full second. Constantly.

Tried re-installing HOTS --> problem fixed --> one day later problem is there again.


Same problem, I play HotS since the alpha and I have the problem only since 3 or 4 months.
Why no answer ? An ETA maybe ?

same problem. freezes at times.

Happens to me as well, sometimes during draft, sometimes in teamfight, sometimes while I’m healing in base. Never had problems before weather effects patch.