Frequent and short lags


Since last patch (so 2 days) I’m experiencing frequent lags. Every 15-20 seconds, let’s like a short lag and everything gets back to normal. It is pretty annoying to be honest and hard to play because of it.

I haven’t changed anything in my settings, my Internet connection also hasn’t changed. My wife experiences the same thing on her laptop - also no changes made since that.

Any hints what may be causing that?


Hmm, do you have friends in your area playing the game, preferably on the same ISP? If yes, do they have the same problem? If not, maybe that’s something with your connection after all? Wi-fi?

Thanks - it might be local, I’ve restarted my router and it seems after 2 games the issue dissapeared.

Hey there Azziz,

Please get us a WinMTR, that way we will be able to check the route that your connection basically takes, and see where the issue is!

You can add it to a website similar to Pastebin.