Game going back to lobby while loading in, unable to rejoin or re enter queue until the match finnishes


Occasionally while trying to start a game, it will send me back to the lobby while the game is loading. It does not give me any prompts, messages or feed back, just back to the match making lobby like i hadn’t entered a game. I can’t enter the match making queue because it says I’m already in a game, but the only way to make the rejoin game prompt to appear is when I re-open the game which just causes the same issue, It may be a client-side issue but i’ve reinstalled and the issue persists, my internet is fine but my client does occasionally crash. It also seems to happen on any map, it usually happends in quick play but it has happend in brawl aswell. The only solution I found is to wait for the match i’m “in” to finnish. I don’t particularly mind waiting but I still get a leavers penalty even though I couldn’t rejoin the match.