Game uninstalled itself, and I can't reinstall?


What is this black magic? I just opened up Battlenet and I saw that Heroes of the Storm isn’t installed. I then had a look at my hard drive and I didn’t find it there either, which is really strange as I didn’t uninstall it.

But then I tried to install it, I kept getting an error message saying that something broke. So… What is this now?

Any of the last two remaining people here know what’s going on?


Hey…dude…only you use your PC?!
Someone else?! Are you sure none is use your PC?!
Is possible someone else to use your PC?!
And you cant install the game again?!
If is this problem then…go search help in his
website support ppl.

And one joke…
When your PC understand what is this not so good game…your PC decide alone to unstall the game. :slight_smile:

Many ppls already unstall the game.


Another day, another day where the game is showing and is present on my computer.

Heh. Quite funny.


Happened to me a few days ago, after I tried to locate it and make it work that way, I just restarted my computer and it worked for me :slight_smile:


Even your pc is telling you to get rid of this sh*t. I don’t think you should install it back.


That is definitely a sign, take it and run