Genji's hit box while dashing


I think its about damn time to fix it, when you dash with his E ability you can get stunned, rooted, damaged by any source but if on the path there is a Healing orb you won’t get it, can someone explain to me why is that?


Dont know maybe you can explain to me when i charge with alarak how do i get stunned pushed back rooted and all other cc WHILE having fully charged the ULT not a simple ability


Anfru I dont think you understood what he meant or his point . The problem isnt that u can get cc or damaged during the dash with Genji, since you are not invincible nor unstoppable and its fine . The problem is that when u dash through GLOBE you dont pick it dashing over it . Meaning , you are passing through the healing globe but not picking it , doesnt make any sense .
I’ve noticed the same thing just like the OP long time ago and its super frustrating .