GM smurfs in gold/silver ruining games


It will probably be 2-3 more years. They will try to revive it, if revival fails again, they will just discard it and probably shut down development completely… after which they will shut down servers.

Only thing which can save it is community, but I’m fearing community has already given up.

Like community saved SC2, but then again, SC2 has strong roots in Korea, which kept the whole project going. It was so close to being completely discarded when pro players stopped playing and moved to more lucrative games few years back.

Sadly I’m not seeing that happening with HotS.

Warcraft Reforged will be massive though.


I have a feeling that developers were taken from Heroes of the Storm to work on that game

Hopefully after it has been released there may be renewed hope for our beloved game once again

Heroes of the Storm is unique after all

Heroes from all over the universes collide and fight together here and The Warcraft Universe is one of them

So I imagine we’ll definitely be seeing some changes in the nexus after Warcraft 3 Reforged hits release


They were for sure, you can see how Reforged resembles HotS graphics wise. Its like HotS graphics have been taken to Warcraft.


Now that you mention it

There definitely is a resemblance!

Even Blademaster looks A LOT like Samuro himself!

And I feel like the graphics look even better over there

And they aren’t limited by the StarCraft 2 engine the way Heroes of the Storm is