Golden Abathur skin


did anyone else notice that the full golden Galactic Abathur skin was removed on Thursday after being in the game for 3 day?


I’m assuming the devs noticed the bug of it being released too early, and it should be back next week when ptr goes live ( its part of the PTR notes)


It wasn’t actually the exact same skin-tint, even though they’re both named “Galactic Xenotech Abathur”, but rather the old (unreleased) version, which has existed since the original Xenotech Abathur skin was released.

The new version looks slightly different, and is also a Limited-Time Item (along with Hunter Mecha Dehaka).

The differences can be seen here (most notably on Abathur’s “stomach”):


where did the skin go?? saw it 2 hours ago, now it gone.


I bought it on Tuesday and now its gone and turned red what the hell.

going to get a ticket for this