Graphical error with Murky's Pufferfish may trigger people with photosensitivity


I just played a Team League game and there was a Murky on the enemy team. Each time he used Pufferfish, a strange graphical artifact appeared on screen. It was so bright and colorful, I could barely look at the screen.

I am extremely sensitive to bright, flashing colors, although there is no diagnosed epilepsy or photosensitive condition present. I’m overly sensitive due to medication. It’s enough to make me feel uncomfortable, so I’m guessing people with those conditions may feel it worse.

I made a screenshot of the graphical artifact, but for some reason the forum doesn’t allow me to post any links.


You can go around it by putting space somewhere in link.
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Perhaps you can decrease contrast or get screen with function which reduce flashes but I guess your best bet is just wait for fix.


OK, here is the screenshot of the graphical error:
https ://