Gul'dan - Rain of destruction



Just tried out the modified Rain of Destruction talent for Gul’dan as per patch of 22 May 2019 and just wanted to give my feedback.

I like that it now can be cast and then you can continue with what you were doing, however due to the randomness of the meteors (as also stated in patch note) it still is far from a viable talent. In team fights where people are constantly moving it is more like a magnificent piece of firework rather than a source of damage. I guess it has its uses should you have no sieger on the team, however Gul’dan is very squishy and is very ill suited for the position as sieger.

Even though I like the idea of Rain of Destruction it might be a better idea just to delete the talent all together and replace with another iconic warlock/Gul’dan ability. I am thinking Chaos Bolt.

Until a better solution I will stick with horrify :slight_smile:


Gul’dan can now move around inside the meteor area and cause all sorts of chaos

This can combine especially well with his slowing talents such as “Curse of Exhaustion” and “Deep Impact”

Along with all sorts of damage and disables from allied heroes

I for one think that the ability is better than it used to be


hi Xylord,

Thanks for reply, I do agree that the ability is better in its new state. My argument was more that it was not enough. I feel the changes still do not make up for the randomness of the ability


I believe that the randomness is supposed to be the appeal of the ability

Neither you nor the enemy can predict where exactly the meteors will land but there will be massive levels of area denial because of it

VERY useful when during SIEGE or in the middle of a team fight