Hallow's End Event (2018)


I missed few lovely skins and portraits from the last year’s event, like the Cursed Witch Whitemane skin, will they become re-available at some point this year? Halloween Event or in something like that? Would be nice.


They should be back to buy in the collection in the following Autumn event.

Just like now we had the option of getting the nexomania wrestling skins during the summer event


If I won’t see a probius eyeball skin this year, I’ll be mad. What? You got a better skin idea?


For the probe? could also be a fireball/comet skin, or a wisp ( i dont like the gore heavy skins such as skull abathur :stuck_out_tongue: )


For Halloween an eyeball would honestly be better

Maybe a skin to make him look like a Beholder


Horror and realistic visuals are what this game lacks

The same World of Warcraft style visuals are honestly getting quite boring