Hero ban for quick match


Please blizz, add this feature. I’m so sick of murkies and abathurs, pointless heroes, annoying, boring to play against etc. etc.


I can understand murky but abathur he is great hero for some strategies


unfortunately , QM is one of the only places you can pick those characters without getting flamed by your teammates.
As in any draft mode, if you hover them or instalock them , the majority of the time people will flame you for it.
Though I like to try and find another solution other than the following in this case it is to just play a draft mode over QM to not encounter them.

It could possible be added under banned heros will not be picked for/against your party until it needs to expand the searching paramaters, because otherwise situations could happen such as everyone banning Qhira because she’s overtuned atm, and all those who want to play her can’t find a game to play her, which would counter the point of QM.


good point regarding new hero…perhaps not a black and white rule, but like…don’t put me in combos with murky aba vikings if its really not needed…PS Queue popped and voila, enemy team has Abathur, what a surprise. There is always either one or both (vikings are rare thank god)


…I would like a map ban, so I never have to be on Hanamura ever again.


Oof I hate hanamura just as much as cursed holow nobody ever goes for objectives on those maps it’s ridiculous.


So I just looked up my last 5 losses in QM, they all had something in common.

  1. Azmodan, Abathur
  2. Azmodan, Abathur
  3. Abathur
  4. Abathur
  5. Azmodan, Abathur, (and sargent hammer)

so, since I play Nova, its pretty difficult vs. these two heroes, out of my last 10 games (5 wins, 5 losses), 7 had Azmodan or Abathur or both, and I had 5 losses out of those 7. Its not about getting outplayed, but global push is just too hard to counter. Please allow me to black list these, game is no fun when you inject counters on purpose to my hero all the time, just so I can have 50% win rate (since atm I have 72%, I expect to look at boring fat azmo and his buddy aba a lot now.).
inb4 calling me paranoid, out of 80~ heroes or whatever, BOTH of those scummy heroes come against me, in pair.