Heroes of the Storm Update from Kaéo Milker

Hey, everyone. Kaéo Milker has posted an update for our community and it goes like this:


I do wonder how allowing to pretty much be able to buy skins with gold (since you can convert it do shards) will improve Blizzard’s business.
I mean, I do get allowing getting skins and such with gems directly will improve their business aspect of the game, but being able to change gold to shards kinda has me puzzled.


Thank you so much for your work!
I’m really glad you keep caring about this awesome game, good luck for these future changes!


Thank you very much to you and the whole team. Admirable dedication!


Would it be possible to allow the conversion of shards into gold?I’m less interested in skins and more interested in buying actual heroes.

Wasn’t there supposed to be another update that adjusted the roles of characters?

He actually mentioned it

Keep up the good work! :+1:

I know it…heh :slight_smile:
To everyone wich peoples wich lose his faith…this is 100%! proof!!
I too prepare huge new tuning vers. of the game. Im sure they will add it
In my topic " Make Heroes the Storm most epic game in gameing industry this year"…
Please read it ,if you can of course…because my bad grammar english langueg is so bad.
We know very well…the game cant be without problems!.
Im sure 100% many players wich lose his faith in future of the game would be surprised a lot about incomeing huge content this year and next year!:slight_smile:

It may not improve it directly, but they hope it will help it indirectly. Indirectly in a way that improved player satisfaction may help avoiding further loss of existing players and perhaps attract also some new players.

The gold conversion will be a possibility, and its “business” impact depends very much on the conversion rate. Lets imagine you have 100k extra gold right now you cant do anything with. The conversion rate is 1 shard for 100 gold. So you convert it and get 1k shards. Now what? Either grind 600 shards for a legendary (or even more for a 2.4k legendary), or you will still spend gems.

(I assumed that if you have extra 100k gold you prolly don’t need to buy epics.)

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I want to thank the HOTS dev team for this message, which is really reassuring.


Well, if you are wondering why would someone pay for something that they can grind too, your answer lies within your question. For you, it may not make sense, but for other people, who doesn’t care about money (or cares about the game as much as they want to honor the devs with money) will go ahead and actually buy more gems in order to get some beautiful legendary skins.

Until now your only option to get a desired skin was to either grind by playing heroes you are not on very high level, or buying gems and buy lootboxes. And this hasn’t guaranteed success – shards were a little “consolation prize”, if you opened a duplicated per chance.

Now it will be the same as is it with heroes – if you want a skin really bad, and you have let’s say, 1 day until the end of event, and you couldn’t open it, you can just hop in there, pay a dollar for some gems and buy that desired skin. It is actually a genius business model.

But, if you choose not to pay money for the game then, now that you have an option to grind out every skin, you will play more of HOTS – probably try to convince your friends/family to play with you – ultimately, it is win-win for Blizzard - either they will recieve money for stuff they haven’t received so far or they will get and increase in players.

Thank you Blizzard for not giving up on HOTS! A lot of us really love this game and my heart would break if it got the Diablo 3 treatment!

For the Nexus!


So, we got boxes instead of gold from brawls, we got more exp but same gold from booSts, we got regular goldsinks in terms of gold-priced announcers/mounts…
Here’s a gazillion new things to buy for all the gold you don’t have guys :slight_smile:
Yay. I sit at 100 chests with no gold for rerolls, but sure…

Yeah, more confusopoly disguised as “maximum flexibility” for the players. Good try.

Activision-Blizzard stock and revenue in trouble, so lets monetize all skins by skipping straight to psuedo money, rest of products to follow later.

And people still think Blizzard is a company that holds their players dear. For years now they have been blatantly lying, double-talking whilst trying to maximize profit for shareholders. “For gamers, by gamers” used to be a motto, but that died a decade ago, and last Blizzcon, executive producer Allen Adham openly, firmly told the world what company Blizzard is and where its going. A thing many of us already knew for years, but now officially stamped on paper.

You know Ubisoft? You know EA? You know Activision surely? Yeah, Blizzard is in that very same category now. Bethesda, BioWare as well. Each passing year your favorite game developer and publisher crosses over to the Dark Side of the industry and your light saber needs battery-change. Theres a lot to be cut down.

You can’t “fix” MMR if you don’t reset it, any tweaking or reworking on it will only get worse until you reset it.

Am I the only one seeing the biggest flaw in their way of thought about MMR ?
It doesn’t require further Tuning, it requires regular seasonal resets, HARD RESETS.
Not Soft Resets, Stop seeding ranked from unranked, it doesn’t work, each mode should work with separate MMR and seriously make getting into Ranked harder by placing restrictive requirements.

bring back requirements from the past back into Unranked and QM.
New players are joining draft modes to try them out without having a shred of experience to work for and by doing so ruining the game.

If you want to bring back players that left because the game is the way it is now, you are DOING IT WRONG.

Seriously, either stop improving this game because we know your improvements break things, or do them right.

Also: I told ya so.
Lunar Festival delayed.

Dark Side of the industry?
Well yeah, maybe, but think what would happen if they didn’t care about the money. Back in the “golden days” the industry was so different. Making a game looked like the following.

  1. Building the engine
  2. Building the game to Alpha
  3. Building the game to Beta
  4. Testing the hell out of it
  5. Debugging
  6. Profit

Nowadays you just can’t do that. There has to be constant work in order to make a game successful. Think about Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch or WoW if they would be like “here is a new expansion set, have fun with it, we will be out with the next one in about 2-5 years”. Blizzard would be dead in half a year.

Look what Ubisoft does – they are pushing out games yearly with no time to do real adjustments, they are constantly working but the deadlines are suffocating creativity. But the profit is constant, the business model is very different from Blizzard’s.

Calling a mulitnational company greedy just because they are trying to make their company profitable, trying to reimagine and reconfigure the whole company to be more “2020s like”, is not accurate. If they would be like “Well, heck guys, we don’t care about the money but we want to make games as our players want it” first of all, there would be at least 10 Heroes of the Storm, and 20 Overwatch because everybody want it differently. I truly and strongly believe that you want to play this game differently as I do. Second of all their profit would really go down, and as a consequence the stakeholders would be out of the company in no time, hence no money from investors, hence no quality games – because at this point, Blizzard cannot go back to be just an awesome indie game developer, and make the original Diablo again – it just wouldn’t work anymore.

Like it or not, Blizzard is foremost a COMPANY and a game developer as well. It is not an indie dev team with 10 members anymore. If they only care about the playerbase and only care about money, there will be no Blizzard to talk about in 1 year. Sorry dude, this is just how business works.

I truly believe Blizzard is trying their best, and these sentimental posts from the dev teams (whichever team it is) are true to their words. We just have to be a little more patient and a little less selfish when we come to loving Blizzard games.

Blizzard is not evil, but it is really hard to please more than 10-15 million players around a globe in every single aspect of every IP they have.


Keep up the good work! Everything said sounds promising!

Long live Heroes of the Storm!

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… Yeah.

Promises ? We had those already.

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