Heroes of the Storm Update from Kaéo Milker


is Heroes really dead ? brawl only 2 players and 8 A.I … in quick matches players levels are massively and severely have a very big gabs about 93% of my games enemies like 1k+ level and mine 300 or 400 , also my friends complain about this .
for rank you can cook a whole sheep then the selection may starts … please think more about the game , It’s dead and most of all it heart breaking to see it like this


Ranked with diamond and bronze on the same team after more than 15 minutes of queue, forced to redo the queue because someone was afk, 5 times in a row.

Up to you to decide.


then why they are doing nothing about it ? i really prefer Hots more than lol , smite …etc i believe u too ppl … it really painful


Your MAIN FOCUS should be eliminating the NON STOP trolls in Ranked and QM. Most come to ranked for the EXTRA 25% EXP and then go AFK or just troll. I have 95% troll rate in ranked! 95%!!! I am not exaggerating… 95% freaking percent. This makes ur game totally UNPLAYABLE. One placement match I EVEN HAD 4X afk. 4X AFK!!! after 5min into the game. I was playing Solo. BUT as your game does NOT reward an individuals EFFORT or SKILL ONE person can’t do jack when 1-4 people are afk or trolling. Why don’t u make ranked 100% EXTRA EXP so it will just be all trolls. :wink:

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Simple. Gold is quite valuable and allows free play. It is used predominantly for new heroes and exclusive mounts. By giving players more options to spend gold, the likelihood of them not having enough for the next hero increases, which will inevitably result in more hero purchases for real money/gems.