HGC cancelled, team downsized. Beginning of the end? :(


This is the last version of it…with all the problems… ENJOY SUCKER.S… - Activision


I stopped spending money on the game, because i don’t think it is worth it

That’s the only thing Blizzard and the community has in common when it comes to Heroes of the Storm


Matchmaking and automated silence/ban system were constantly reported by the community. The company did not pay attention on those topics. OK, actually, they did but in a very peculiar way: with every iteration both became worth and worth.

So HotS will lose a lot of players in the coming weeks from its not big player base, the MM will become even worse, waiting time will be more and more, quality of games even lower…

H.O.T.S. R.I.P.

P.S. I can see that the quality of game degraded seriously in last 2 days, either it is due to the new MM or end-of-life announcement or both.


Just sharing my own thoughts here.

Today I woke up and was shocked about the news that the Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm wouldn’t return in 2019. Out of all Blizzard esports leagues, I enjoyed watching the HGC the most. The casters like Khaldor, Gilly or Trikslyr did an amazing job and I feel so sorry for them. By watching the pros play (and thanks to the in-depth analyses after each match) I managed to pick up some skills myself which eventually helped me in my own ranked matches.

I think that you don’t need to deny that the HGC wasn’t profitable, but cancelling the esports scene entirely instead of cutting the budget… Boy, that hurt. On top of that, moving some developers away from the Heroes of the Storm team to other projects worries me; updates already weren’t as frequent as they used to be, but now it’s gonna slow down even more. No doubt that there are gonna be new awesome heroes, skins and themed events in the future, but compared to what other MOBA games have to offer, it will be difficult for Heroes to keep up.

At this point I am deeply concerned about the survivability of the game. No official esports scene at all and fewer updates will have a strong impact on the game’s already below-average playerbase. The current queue times are already way too high, and compared to titles like Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm isn’t a game you can just play alone all the time.

But this is all theory. Regardless of the current situation, we should embrace the future and just appreciate all the content we received in the past few years. I’m sure the Heroes team will continue to care for their beloved game, and we should be looking forward to that. :heart:

(I would like to point out again that this is my personal opinion, and that MVPs are not Blizzard officials.)



As someone who was in tehnical Alpha,spent 40-50€ in total for this game and havent played in month i think i got some foresight towards where this is heading.I had a blast with hots.But seems to me WoW is in bad shape,hots is geting cut,Sc2 is pretty mutch dead.You can stop calling this company Blizzard and start refferencing them Activision.Good luck with that whole mobile gaming,and i bet they wount use the extra founds to invest in future titles,not with AV a company who ditched Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk series and is moving on Blizzard IP’s to suck them dry and then dump them.
Il reinstal LoL and start suggesting Munster hunter world to my coworkers and irlf at christmas.


I came to Hots after Dawngate passed away, I have enjoyed greatly the variety and creativity when it came to Hots compared to other Mobas. I was just getting back into playing the game again after focusing mostly on wow but now after reading the statement put out I am sad confused and angry at the decesions being made and how they have been handled. The casters found out at the same time as everyone else, how the hell do you show you care as a company when you suddenly fire a group of employees without any warning. Then you have the nerve to put out a statement with this very line near the end “While we don’t make these decisions lightly, we do look to the future excited about what the decisions will mean for our other live games and all the projects we have in the works.”. So first you kill peoples jobs then you kill the game this community cared for and then you say your excited about killing off the game? Goddam I feel bad for the people left on Hots, you guys were really starting to perfect this game and then this happens. I guess the golden days of Blizzard are really over.


Its a total shame that HGC has been pulled, as for me the thing I loved most about HotS was watching the Splits, MSB and HGC and all the pro teams in action, it made for a easy to watch and enjoy esport stream (I cant be doing with FPS ones where you follow 1 person and they die from something that you didn’t even see)

Even so still sad to see this end as from my fave team #Dignitas to some of the bonkers casting from Trik and Kaldor or Grubby (man these guys could have me in stiches )to some downright insane matches between the best teams in world it will be a shame to say goodbye.


i never bothered watching any of the streams, but even so, I recognize that the “competitive scene” is what carries a game like this in the PR it does.

Closing it down means you are giving up on the game, as evidenced by other changes you are doing. This will have a cascade effect and I can see no justification for people to want to bother using real money on this now, when the end of the game have already been written in fiery letters by the company.


I can’t really say I’m surprised.

-Fiasco with Diablo: Immortal
-Inept patching issues causing the game after the patch to be more broken than before (tech forums is filled with after patch issues resulting in the game being completely inoperable, leading people to uninstall and reinstall the game entirely)
-incompetent update applying (graphical glitches being there for two seasons without a care in the world)
-inability to implement MMR system that is FAIR
-constant breaking the missing player AI (yes you tweaked it to the point it’s competitive only to casio calculator, and still the calculator wins)
-Heroes of the Storm is the only MOBA game that has not revealed it’s MMR system formula. 4 years and we are still in the guesswork (3+1 year in testing)
-Unintelligible changes in the game systems that clearly make no sense and were made to promote developers skills only because they serve no purpose.
-Constant juggling on heroes ability to do their roles ending in them being NOT what they were advertised as or are supposed to do.
-Backing out from the “All content for all players” policy and return to exclusive and insanely expensive cosmetics.
-Change logs that come out 3 days after the patch (GG)
-Absolute zero communication and UNFRIENDLY user support.

This is all a result of incompetent management.
I personally am shocked this game lasted as long as it did, although I like it and had a fair amount of fun with it. We should expect only major updates again with patches and some new content every six months from now on.
This is of course Activision’s handiwork because Blizzard made a game for mobiles that not a single person asked for and the backlash that came from it.

It’s really not hard to admit a mistake and back out of it.
But they will never do it, cuz American Pride.


No doubt… i know you had like -4mil balance after HGC

We all are… you just start a major change of the game… didnt finish it and now…bye bye…deal with it. A lot a reworks needs to be done and…
I dont know the SC2 stats at Blizz vs Activision but sooner or latter will destroy every Blizz franchise

With no viable ideeas of fixing the game and make it more competitive in EA and focusing more on China mobile games… what about all the pro players? does Blizz actually think that they will start play rank and stream for a living?


Another piece of news where the fact that blizzard is really out of touch with their playerbase shines. Trying to spin this as a positive thing? Moving the devs to other projects should be a good thing? That is flipping insane.

Preaching about how every dev team is full of passion @ blizzcon, then just moving people around so much from whatever project is next. Whoever makes these decisions clearly is not in touch with the playerbase at all and has no passion themselves.

The only thing i take away from this announcement is that whenever a new more profitable lane opens up you abandon your current games to pursue that, even when the first game isn’t losing you money.
Not making all the possible money in the world seems to be fine enough reason for abandoning games now. How am i supposed to get invested in anything new knowing this?


It’s disapointing but sadly not surprising to hear this news. Lately blizzard seems to have lost basically all competence in their management/development (though my money is that it’s the management side causing problems). Hots is first because it’s likely to be blizzards worst profit earner, if it earned profits at all.

But unless blizzard starts to actually pull it’s thumb out and get back down to what made it great: Genuinely fun games this will be happening to other games as well. I think Diablo/starcraft are next on the chopping block, overwatch and WoW won’t be far after them.


They were warned by the community.

They didn’t listen to the community.

The community then died; left or banned.

They had this coming.


they will launch heroes of the storm on mobile platform :smile:


Yes, HOTS imho the best MOBA is nearing its end, because once again money won the discussion. 200 people fired without any prior notice without anyone really raising eyebrows just before Christmas, that is something which should not be forgotten as it is true stain on what Blizzard used to be. I couldn’t care less about Diablo Immortal, the way they announced it was awkward at best and it was PR epic fail, but it was pretty harmless compared to what they did on December 13th to all the people who dedicated years of their lives to HOTS professional scene, shameless.


MVP’s don’t work at or for Blizzard.


Word of advice … Don’t spend another cent on this game. They will shutdown the servers. No matter what they say, it is a lie.
AION, RIFT, Paragon, wildstar, All companies do it and all say they will never do it.
There is no real world value to what you buy or market to resell or possibility to use once the company abandons it.
Stop being sheep!!!
I will play Hots as long as it drags itself onto death, cause i like it but won’t spend one cent.
Hearthstone is a cash grab, great game but a cash grab just to keep up, again you own nothing, if they shutdown the servers you have ZERO!!! of the money or time you invested.
EA, Activision all the same, I know the same graphs as they do about mobile gaming, I work in Data eng and business intelligence, they think they are so bloody smart, but fail to see one thing, long run it’s your faithful player base that supports you. Mobile is bubble gum gaming, it will make huge amounts of money as it does already and then it will die out.
Help Indie companies, fund projects that you like , do in gaming what was done in music, take away there power, the capability to do so is literally in your wallet.
Were I younger i would crowdfund a moba based on player base, with the players at heart and now for the mind blown, if you pay for the game, you own it.

Check the site scientific revenue, that is what these people think of you. If that does not convince you then good luck,


Pachimari the green of your letter must be from all the years hoping to get a job at blizzard, guess what…?
Get a spine dude, it’s not even convincing anymore.
“I’m sure the Heroes team will continue to care for their beloved game, and we should be looking forward to that. :heart:
Jesus how much is enough until you look in the mirror and go, they behaved badly, deceived people and will continue to do so.
The Blizzard we all loved, died when share holders pushed for activision to take over. Old people looking for return on investment, not in building something.
They DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, only your money.
Again dont believe me? Scientific revenue - check the site. insightful.
Check quick before the post is terminated or deleted as usual.


I agree with your comment on WoW and Hots but have to disagree on SC2. It is far from dead. It may appear that way in Western countries but in the East it still draws an immense fanbase.


More whining. No one cares about events, conventions, t-shirts with murlocs. It is time Blizzard returned to the level when they cared about content and not miscellaneous features. I clearly remember the day I first got bored of WoW and then saw the 1st t-shirts and action figures and it made me sick. Time to remember their priorities. And e-sports were a flop to begin with. 95% of gamers are loners. This is why we play and indulge in fantasies of epic realities. Otherwise we’d be the next loser drinking and banging dumb chicks at some trashy local bar and being scammed out of his parent’s hard earned cash slowly drifting into the sewer of mediocre married life, mortgage and ungrateful, weak children. Blizzard will be reborn.

As for HOTS: the competition is trash. LoL with the vision, UI of a special needs nursery educational tool and DoTa with the 10 year old graphics and the race to deny creeps - repulsive.