HoTS has gone downhill


I just wanted to say the obvious… Blizzard does an amazing job creating cesspools full of toxic children.

Why would anyone wanna play this game and put themselves in the presence of raging, hormonal, hateful people? Not really enjoyable if you ask me…


I totally agree with you. I started the game about three months ago (technically I am (and I also feel I am) a newb). After playing a reasonable amount of vs AI games and reading about the basics on the internet, I felt I was ready to play some ranked matches. The first placement match I played, I got a lot of ranting in chat. I am a learner, so when I asked tips about how to improve, someone told me (decorated with some nice swear words) to uninstall the game.

Today, I was in a vs AI match and everybody (except me) was in the middle lane. I KNOW that you SHOULD cover all lanes to get XP early in the game. Unfortunately, I was a healer and died alone too much. When I apologized for that and told that I did not understand their play style, someone called me a noob and asked me to leave the game. He was a lvl 54 player with a win-lose ratio in vs AI of around 75%.

I love the game and luckily, I play a lot of matches in which there is no chat activity. But man, if you are a new player with a fragile heart, you will never get the chance to learn the game and enjoy it.


The problem is not you. Its the system not recognizing smurf vs new player match up. You should be always in side of new player and never matched vs other smurfs… Its not very entertaining to learn the game while you get shouted.


This is exactly why people should disable Team Chat

There exists an option for it

And when you do so

Almost every match is preferably an enjoyable one

People will be spared this pain if they take a look at their social options from within the game

It felt like a miracle to me that the developers included such a wonderful option to disable Team Chat to avoid messages from strangers completely

And in addition they added the option to report someone for “Abusive Chat” which also automatically blocks that user from sending any text messages your way

Now I am not advising anyone to avoid socializing or discussing strategy completely within the game

Do understand that I do chat and quite enjoy it

I just simply only chat with friends and party members

They are way more likely to listen than total strangers anyway


this is a team game no chat=> fiind other game


Heroes of the Storm being a Team Game is no reason to tolerate insults from complete strangers

Why else do you think Developers included an option to disable Team Chat completely in the first place?

I am fine with chatting with friends and people I am in a party with

Chatting with strangers being voluntary instead of being mandatory is one of the many amazing things about this game


Looks like you are misunderstanding what HOTS is. This is a game that contains all heroes from all Blizzard’s universes for one simple purpose — to get out your cash. And they got all the cash they could, then abandoned development. It was never up the hill. If you gonna look at heroes you will see that they all are just copy of league of legend and dota heroes. Nothing new or special. Game mods is also a copy. Champions were already there in other games like Starcraft, Diablo etc, they only created Vikings from scratch (and those suсk hard anyway). Zero effort, but big outcome. They were so lazy that haven’t even implemented basic reconection system, matchmaking system or report system. 3/3 fails. And if you gonna add any other modern game parameters, it will be following same road: 4/4 fails, 5/5 fails, 6/6 fails. Look at skins - mostly they are just recolours. Look at heroes - they have same skills over and over and over. Look at their promises over course of last years - not a single one fulfilled.

This is disaster from first days until now. HOTS was at the bottom of the ocean all the time long.