HotS inspired me


maybe more of us has the same problem with this game. We spent hundreds and thousands hours in this game and we want to get something from it back:
Something like a little progress in Ranked games. Honestly, Im not any Diamond even Gold player, I ll be fully satisfied on Silver 4,3,2, or maybe Gold 5?

But this game slowly turns into toxic mud, last six? months it brings me (and my friends) no more fun, just Pain. You know, the theme is not about being the best, but to play Ranked games with similar good players. After 1300 battles in HotS, Im stucked in never ending situation: While we are full premade team (with benefits from Voice chat), we are able to win three games in row. When only one from team left, game found Someone…and this someone is “…very new” in HotS universe, mostly played under 50-60 games, most of heroes he never saw! My real experience: Same situation: guy picked Butcher, never played him, he died 8-9 times? in first 8 minutes, zero stacks. We tried to play on Towers of Doom, but why? Tell me, why this game gave players with party average of @1500 matches someone like him?

I cannot understand this system, and I do not want understand - or, how is possible, that Varian in enemy´s team was Diamond and we were only Silver?
But OK, one lost does´t matter. Im sad about matchmaking system, my last game today (and for long time) was killed by one guy, who decide to play solo…lvl around 56? And of course, absolutely arrogant.

From nine head group from university, only three stay in game.
Because this game doesn´t give back a minimum of their (mine too) time.
Just try to think about completely idiotic direction, where this game is going.
I uninstalled it before twenty minutes, firmly determined to buy a new PC, where Blizzard games never come…


It’s Blizzards “50 % wr system”. If win 2 or more matches in a row, then game will find you a match with situation , that’s making match just IMPOSSIBLE to win (if you without a full team of course).The problem is HotS “teamplay” mechanic, cause 4vs5 is already or almost already lost.So just nvm and play for fun.Win?Lose?Who cares, the system will give you ez win\ez lose after lose\win streak.
Good Job, bliZZard casino.


Yeah…agree to bow they didnt think or work on mechanis how exactly player be matched with his similar games skill. Is not easy they find perfecrly way we be matched " fair".
Yes they do many.mistakes to now and many player quit the games.
I find or think long time to now ( from avarage 2 years past ago time), what exactly be this way better MM system.
There is…

If you cant understand why every my ideas how would work or help alot to be better or what would effect in this my test versione.

I did explain.crearly for every my ideas inside in my topic.
I know.would pop up again few guys with reply to me alot different out of topic thoughts or point of viewes.
I guarntee if be tested few.months in PTR server my versione , would start love or like it. But unfornately to now there is no.way be tested untill Blizzard great team decide to add it for test.
That way think alot about my ideas until say something stup"d or ask me why would work better. Many young peoples to now cant think with all game aspects, or all point of viewes about everything in game or they think with worng way.