HoTS is dead - the end

They meybe try do someting but blizard stuff are same inteligent like frog. I thing frogs are little bit smarter, they must catch housefly so its mean they have bigger brain than blizard developers…

HotS is the best example of how not to make a MOBA

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I have another idea why it failed/died , and a simple solution to make it playable. Please see :
Why aren’t ALL HEROES FREE in 2023

Most people that tried HOTS didn’t like it’s simplicity, how fast paced it was, how all levels were tied, how there were no shops or items and so on. Since HOTS beta, I have only heard a few complaints about hero prices, so you can’t really say that was the reason the game failed, especially when all other MOBAs besides dota also have heroes that have to be unlocked.

until blizard employe ppl with inteligence below animal is no chacneto by better

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I spent all day today at the venue for the Heroes International Nations Cup offline in Berlin (, and I am here to tell you that the game is most definitely not dead. Fantastic turnout, exciting games, beautiful energy and enthusiasm. The community is small compared to other games, but oh, so passionate. Long live HotS!


This game is same dead as dead is brains of emplolyers … Thats all

Try telling that on the US server forum and you get silenced immediately.
Please report on the US forum; you would know they don’t care about a single bid about you.

I dont know how its works on US but here they so much underdevelop I think they just dont understand simple sentence… But its truth that blizard emloye ppl like that

I regret to inform you that you are wrong


100% death and blizz don’t care

I like this game for many reasons. And I am glad that still can play it. While it’s working it’s not dead for me. Yeah, there are a lot of issues, but not dead

it seems you are one of haters, or other game supporter, so you are making attack for not allowing your game from dying, i have years on the game and it seems ok to me in every aspect, i cant see any cheaters or hackers there is nothing like that in game, and the game queue are quick, and about toxic players are every where even in life, you can find them at the close store, actually it’s fun to have some argue with others and i can say they are few in this game i have days without talking to any in chat or even they do.

As long as there are parasites like you, there will be no end to the irregularities. So go play in the sand. Swim in the sea. Go back to your real life, sokuk.

What’s dead is my sound on multiple Blizzard games. Including thhiss one :frowning:

bro You need a doctor. Pls keep your eyes safe.


Please stop using “bots” in the game. You are insulting the real players in the game. Few people are trying to keep their bond with the game, but the balancing algorithms and the bots are making me sick of this game. I’m so close to leaving this game for good.

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You started playing last month, you have no valid argument about the issues in question from someone who’s playing for years, reason you wrote “FUD”. There’s no FUD, any game without development and management is in a death spiral.

this pathetic game is only one in world where your depend of win is totaly 0.
chance of win depends only from 4 idi.ots who you got unlucky in your team.
you can play like real master and your skill mean totaly 0 if you get 4 mor.ons.

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There’s management though. And they added some lobby music, and they made a slight balancing patch also.
Botting is up. They sell accounts, ofc. I’m just perplexed how it can work, who buys that? But people buy anything and everything. Thing is that why not just spend it at Blizzard? Cause you get everything super ez from them, albeit somewhat more expensive. But we’re talking about… 100€ to get exactly what you want, everything. Why anyone ever would go through the trouble of creating a new email, go to a fishy site and make a transaction to get what you can pay … probably like twice for and get the same from Blizzard, exception the levels or ranks themselves then. But why would u purchase a gold rank if ur at x?? only appearance yo. all that counts is what is seemingly there, not what’s actually there. Rotten stuff, and modern af.