Hots ladder is too slow


I see a lot of people complaining about their rating after getting screwed by some mmr bug. Its because even GM takes like a week to get from bronze to masters in those challenges…so I looked it up, and found:

These stats include placements, which of course needed to be tanked somewhat to achieve Bronze 5. 163 total games were spent below Master, the 164th game took him (chu8) to Master.

Including the final game - 124 wins, 40 losses.

Now idk how many days that took but for comparison in wow, one of my friends that just dinged and took blue quest weapon and battleground gear, had mmr of 1500 (I’d guess silver 5) and we climbed to 2200+ in one night and some 20 wins in a row, which is I guess like diamond or something, hots wise. You can’t get from silver 5 to diamond 5 in hots in one night. Sure games are shorter in wow and its all different system etc. but in hearthstone it works as well. I didn’t take long to get from rank 20 to rank 7 with OP paladin deck few expansions ago.

My point is…perhaps making ladder less of a hamster wheel (that mumbo jumbo your mmr does when it gives players terrible teammates and that annoying negative points when you win…) and awarding wins in a row and penalizing losses in a row might be helpful to quickly put players where they belong. Because when someone is only slightly better than a diamond player and belongs to masters, he will have bad time trying to get back to his proper rank from platinum 1.


I agree the ladder speed is silly in HOTS. In LOL and SC2 if you have 65% winrate you usually skip a few tiers (e.g. go from gold5 to gold3). This is logical as when winning TWICE more games than losing it is clear that the player is below their true MMR.

Despite this it took me over 250 games to get from silver 5 to diamond 5 with 65% winrate last season. I didnt mind too much as I was winning and learning (my first hots acc) but its not efficient from ranking perspective. On a LOL smurf if I was to get 65% winrate I would do that climb in under 100 games. True that LOL games are twice longer but still, hots need some skipping mechanic to boost people above at least 70% consistent winrate.


In sc2 I was bronze as Terran and I made up some cheesy rush build and had like 90% winrate, quickly got to platinum 1. I don’t exactly remember how long it took me, games were fairly quick 5 mins cheese, but it didn’t take me long. Hots is slowest ladder of all the games I played.


Guys,guys…instead look at this problem…support my best ideas…
Read it.
With my increased ranked points based on these 20 achievements and based on these 5 " Survive lvls"…you will climb up a little faster and woulf matched only with players wich his death ratio is less or with high game skilled players.

Search and this my old idea (this one where i say "pick one from these my old ideas and search this old forum link!)

There is suggest count time program who player is not log in game or dependence how long time someone player is not log in game.
This idea is make out players first play many Unranked games,with this way players must first “heat” very well until enter in game.
The game real life sports…
Players or sportists first “heat” or training very well until start play Ranked or that mean to train very well all heroes ( or a tleast few heroes) or to understand what is happened to now with the game or what changes of heroes are been reworked to now.

Just read all ideas carefuly and think about my ideas a tleast few days or long time.
“Why must do that?!”
Maybe you would ask me.
Because our human race always not think with all aspects or point of viewes or think with worng way.


How on earth is that a good idea. Incorporating achievements and death ratios into ranks is completely broken and will never be done. Not even blizzard are silly enough to do that.


“Why would be better for the game my ideas?!”
Because are almost best the game.
That why.
And i did explain enough in topic why would better.
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I want hear your facts,smart arguments,proofs.
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Exist so many you ,wich astimatione yourselfs for always high smart and think with not worng way.
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And continue think how to be best and rework it.


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