HotS -- more skill or luck?


This is quite easy.You have lower committed people in lower ranks,as i’ve said already by my experience since i came back to the game. People with absolute garbage net,bad pc,and afk’s,leavers, who play it during there off time and maybe then people who are just bad at mobas so they never raise.Something you cant pull off in higher ranks since those people take the game serous and the time they spend in it.So it comes to no surprise when they perform quite well in lower ranks.
It still doesnt prove your point how its about skill and not luck,when it comes to lower skill ranks.(in a dwindling player base game like hots)
It’s been the case in HS,WoW rank,WoW m+,where people who perform on higher skill lvls perform quite well in lower ranks.


As you said - people are bad at low ranks. This is true. There are ranks which tell the skill level of that player.

Now the orginal question was is hots skill or luck based game. Some people said it is based on luck. Well you just said people are bad at low ranks and bad means literally they have low skill. If skill dont matter in hots it would be irrelevant if someone is bad. Therefore hots is skill based game.

Some people got this delusional mindset at lower ranks that luck has more to do with the game than it actually does. The reason for this is that they lack self critism and self awareness. They are not able to understand their own misstakes in game and the impact within those misstakes. It creates false, delusional view that game is based on luck which in reality luck plays a lot smaller role in the game many believe in.


from personal experience, bronze 1 - plat you will meet players of all skill levels, and I’m not even talking about smurfs here


No, my point was to confirm that with your skill in lower ranks,there are better odd’s for you to win,i.e you could do some playss that will make your 4 team m8’s play better and motivate them,and in that case the better luck factor is that the 5 opposite players will rage quit,harass and turn into toxic environment,these are the “luck” factor//or odd’s people keep refering too and you play against.Somehow people keep missing or not seeing the point.You are playing your odd’s in a random 9 man match.With skill in lower ranks your chances are higher,but that doesnt nullify everything in between the point’s of “luck” people referred to in the thread and skill.
Also just to make it clear,since i dont want to have any lose end’s.In higher rank the “luck” factor is lower,since people in ML and lower league still take the game serious and with dedication.And the “luck” factor simply comes with dc,net,pc and the matchmaking rigged system.


If you are skilled enough you can easily still win in low ranks eventho couple of team mates do their own thing, rage or even leave the game. Therefore skill has a lot bigger role than luck


Pandagic is absolutely correct

I am Bronze 5 and get matched up often with the absolute worst of teams that don’t even soak

While the enemy team often plays like professionals

I discovered that me myself going out there and soaking

For example even soaking two lanes as Abathur

Makes a world of difference because it allows my team to get ahead despite how bad they are

And they more than likely end up winning team-fights due to that advantage

One person CAN make a difference in this game

It just takes an huge amount of skill to be able to go and kill the whole enemy team all by yourself compared to something like Dota 2 where it simply feels like you’re cheating if you managed to get a gold and experience advantage

The beautiful thing about Heroes of the Storm is that when you level up your whole team benefits from it too

No matter how bad they are

And that’s beautiful because bad teammates hold you back way less if you can keep gaining experience instead of feeding it

Going for the enemy core solo if no one is defending it is also the mark of a skilled player

They don’t waste time on pointless team-fights because they know breaking the core is what you need to do to win the game

Even objectives come second to that


Yeah …right…but you are half right about that…
Do you know why?!:slight_smile:
You did said alone…" in Bronze 5 enemy team play often like proffesionals"…:wink:
( this is proof why old system is bad,exist so many Bronze players ,wich play like Master,plus that many peoples not have this so long free time to spend in game,this different problem topic,i dislike this so long time ladder system)

What you would say about that now?!:slight_smile:

Dont forget im too Bronze 5 ,but i play from open beta.
That mean im too add to this part of Bronze 5 proffesionals players . :wink:

Yeah…right …@Pandagic is right about game skill and luck.
90 % is game skill ,10 % is luck


Do you


have to make

huge spaces

after every sentence

or even in the middle

of them?


What are you are describing is probably not spaces

I just press ENTER

I am glad you tried it out for yourself :slight_smile:


Anyone with bit of brain can get 60%+ winrate as long as they use both hands (and don’t masturbate while gaming). Anyone tryharding with a brain can get 70%+ winrate, so no its pretty much 4/5 overall.


It takes up “space” as in “make huge spaces”. Just put a dot and move on with the sentence. Pressing Enter after every single thing, will just make it horrendous to read and also make the post unnecessary long.


Make me

Alright I will


The problem you are describing (not soaking xp) in lower levels is not solved by you soaking xp :slight_smile: You soaking XP while your allies are running in 4v5 level 9 v level 11 means the following:

  • Your teammates will tilt because you weren’t there when they died over … absolutely no objective or camp.
  • Your teammates will blame you for the loss and report you for AFK.
  • Your teammates will likely lose the pointless teamfight, precisely because you did the responsible thing by defending against mercs and or soaking xp, you lost even more xp because they all died :slight_smile:

Make no mistake, there is a very fine skill involved in getting out of gold. You have to become a really dumb player in order to win games at that level. It is like playing in a bad football team where you cannot realistically assume anyone will successfully pass you the ball, you have to play to their level…


What a childish mindset. I feel sorry for you and hope the mental health doctor can help you over your problems.


If you can’t get out of low ranks, that is your limit. You belong there.
If you would actually try to improve your own play and be successful in that regard, you would rise.
Trying to look at your teammates instead of yourself is the no.1 reason people aren’t able to achieve what they want. But I’m not judging, it’s your decision to make.


Let them

I was never AFK and I was participating so I have never been punished for that


You could not be more wrong. If you play with same mindset that low ranked players you belong there - you are one of them.

Inorder to climb up you need to be better player and much smarter than the players who are in enemy side. This might be the issue if you are stuck in ranks


Of course I agree, I’m just saying you will get reported. Blizz aren’t going to review your individual games, they are going to look at how many times your opponent’s reported you. Oh and if you try to explain to your opponents why they are wrong and you are right, prepare to get some reports for abusive text too :slight_smile:

  1. The right call when trailing 8-10 and contesting say a 1-1 curse on cursed hollow is … ignoring curse and soaking until even tiers.This is the ‘smart’ play in any level from Plat up. This is now even used as a hint in the load screen before the game starts. Will that work in Silver 3- Gold 4? Probably not. At least two of your allies will ignore your instructions, proceed to contest the curse 2 v 5 and die. They will blame you and report you for AFK/non-participation.

  2. The smart play in many maps is to start 1-3-1, taking the top and bottom minion waves before your opponents get a chance to react and subsequently have a nice 1,000 (500 x 2) point XP lead. In fact you can gain an XP lead by dying at level 1 and denying your opponent the first wave of minions. Do you think many Silver-Gold level player’s know this :slight_smile: ?

  3. You can do more damage in Infernal Shrines (or Cursed Hollow) with certain heroes (like Gazlow) by pushing … certainly even more with a well timed merc camp then you can achieve by contesting the objective. Not only will you have an XP lead but also one of their forts will be down.

Will that strategy fly with your allies, even if you explain to them?

Fact is… you have no choice but to dumb down your play at lower levels.

I comfortably hold my own at higher levels (54% overall win-rate), but that win-rate does not improve by applying the same sound strategies at lower levels.


I still dont understand why you need to dumb down. You said for example in cursed lvl 8 vs lvl 10 two of your teammates go tribute. Do you mean you need to dumb down and go with them as 3? This dont make any sense. Why is it better in your opinion to play at their level instead of making smart moves?


So what if I get reported?

As long as I never get punished I am happy and the system works perfectly in my opinion

Because I have done nothing to be guilty of the wrongdoing they report me for

Complete utter NONSENSE!