HotS recognising the wrong graphics card


Hello, Heroes! Recently I downgraded to Windows 7 from Windows 10(couldn’t boot once in a month and had to reinstall it everytime) and installed HotS but it uses the Intel HD Graphics while I have AMD Radeon R5 M230. I had the same problem on Windows 10 and the solution was to go in Graphics Settings -> find the HotS .exe -> put it on High performance. Windows 7 doesn’t have that option and I cannot do that so if you think you can help me I will appreciate it a lot.

PS. I checked all the official forum threads and didn’t find a solution. Also AMD Drivers are up-to-date.


Hello Aurosonic,

If you are using a Laptop, please check the Radeon Settings, there should be an option to set it. For further help, please contact their Support Team.

Kind regards

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