How can i win in this game?


Whats wrong with the matchmaking in the past few months i feel like the game is punishing me for even trying to play, cant have 3 wins in my last 25 games? what is wrong?


Which mode are you playing?


i am playing quick match, but back in the day it wasnt this bad and was actually fun , this is just sad


I have been there

I totally understand what you’re saying

I used to love playing Quick Match too

You should give Ranked a try

People who actually want to win have mostly moved into that mode


but sometimes you just want a pickup game something to do fast and get that little bit of fun. Now its just i dont even know what the actual problem is . Like is it the matchmaking rigged in a way to punish you or i am really that unlucky cause winning that little is just way unlucky


Play Versus AI if you just want to have some quick fun

Ranked is the only true alternative if you want to actually try winning

Quick Match should only be played with four other people who will work together with you to win

Otherwise there is almost no hope

This happens because the hidden Match Making Rating of players are all over the place

Many alternate accounts being spammed by players confuses the system

When the game had a small group of people playing it this wasn’t such a huge problem

So this explains why Quick Match was so great in the past but a terrible experience more often than not now

It’s just a place where skilled people go and stomp on new ones for their own amusement


I think you will agree, but QMs r not quick at all now, unless u r being gang-bashed n stomped bcoz of the superior composition tht the enemy got.

Ranked is more fun, less toxic, more balanced game.


Yeah but the funny thing is, that its always the opposite team with the good people, actually i aint that bad either i beat most but i cant 1 vs 5 each game. My team is just feels like first game of these people ever


haha, well, there r good times, and there r bad times again n again, but then good times do com bak ,even if for a brief moment :smiley:

party up, tht will at least remove the stress u face WITH your teammates,

then the only one to blame for spoiling the fun would b the enemy :wink:


I feel like this a lot as well

But at least in Ranked you sometimes get great teammates and bad enemies


but i dont have anyone to play with this game, i play it solo so in this case it shouldnt punish someone who plays alone if its so premade based.


Then you shall have me

I am sending you a friend invite

Socforlife#2497 in the Europe Region right?

I am Xylord#2300 from the Europe Region

Also I am sure that Clipper would be more than happy to be your friend too

He often plays Quick Match and Ranked


No one has frends in the start :slight_smile: , we make frends over the passsage of time while playing games, Also, u can make many here from the forum by being active :slight_smile:

You can send me req too if u want.

Yup, xylord n me met here in forum, hav played few games, but he busy grinding the AI for chests :smiley: , haha :smiley:



I play AI actually because it’s fast and fun

No waiting time

I used to enjoy Quick Match a lot before it became the mess it is now

I actually enjoy playing Versus AI mode and don’t think of it as grinding

And I think AI would be even more fun if I had a friend like you to play with

And just so you know I do play Ranked too almost everyday

You are just almost always unavailable during those times


Its just how it goes, you win some you loose some. Sometimes you can even get a decent match, where both teams are kinda equal. But most of the time is stomp or be stomped.

Dunno, personally on avg I have ok success in QM, but sometimes get crushed. It’s cycle of life I guess.


i meant grinding bcoz if i were u, i would set them to beginner n spam wins to get as many chest as i can :smiley:

thts wht i did for the first half of the event, or may b for 75% of the event, then gt bored n started playing SL

i honestly dnt like QM , but im planning to go QM to test some heroes n comps , to get a good combo wombo coordination going on with the ppl i play SL frequently with, we r losing mostly, mostly bcoz of a good synergy opponent, tht hav abilities lines up from diffeernt heroes tht result in sudden n quick death to most of us,

as we r playing often together, its better if we pick heroes the synergize n learn them n get some of our own wombo combos going :smiley:


I actually do have them set to Beginner and play with AI Allies only

But I do it mostly to just have fun or complete daily quests

As I already have all heroes loot chests are pretty useless to me as I do not care much for cosmetics

So no I do not spam wins just to get loot chests


As you said several times, you in Bronze for quite some time now… my advice is to master Rexxar and carry your team to glory alone.

He is probably the only hyper carry in the game, who knows how to play Rexxar well can easy way get to low diamond.


hmm, i dnt want to one trick out of bronze only to fall again,

i want to learn more heroes, n play, of course i want to get out of bronze,
but then i will want to get out of silver lol

i want to learn the game, n get good synergy going on, n some combo wombos, n other stuff, so tht i feel this strange satisfaction of EARNING my way out of this :slight_smile:


By the time you learn you MMR will be so ruined you will have to create a new account.

You kinda went the wrong way, going league 1st then quick match.