How can no one see the problem


Let’s say I have a fresh account, never played ranked before. Let’s say I win my first 10 games. Now, thanks to win/lose streak adjustments, even if I lose the next 10 games, I won’t go back to a 50/50 point, ie. the point I should be at if streak adjustments didn’t exist. The problem with these adjustments is they don’t stop as soon as you win/lose a game (whichever is opposite to your streak). Instead, 5 of those 10 games I lost go into countering the bonus points I got from the win streak. I still need to lose another 10 after that to go back down to where I should be. The reverse is true as well. If you lost your first 10 placement match, but won your first 10 real games, YOU’RE STILL IN THE HOLE! You need to win 15-20 to get back to where you should be. Get rid of these adjustments, reset MMR or you’ll continue to lose your player base Blizzard. You’ve killed your ranked system by trying to make it faster; it doesn’t need to be fast if people enjoy playing! If the adjustments were 1-5 for streaks less than 5 and up to 10 for greater than it would be better, but they can get up to 50 points sometimes! That’s 25% of the default!
Change or lose everyone. Not a hard choice, but I know you won’t make it.


My friend had around 70% WR in ranked with100games,and just for 3 days he is on 50% WR.

When you start playin you are matched with 4 players with medium MMR,after few games win streak you will be matched with 3 then with 2,1 and when your WR is high you are matched with 4 empty heads who can`t do nothing just feed all game,no matter how much you soak,make kills or whatever you are 1 vs 5,and tht streak going to drop you more than -48%.

But you are not a streamer and your account isn`t boosted by Blizzard.