How come sometimes you get inexplicably bad teammates?


Sometimes you just can’t win a game because of them.

Star example was last season, we had some guy in our team that attacked my friend saying he is so bad he made us lose the game. Next 2 games the mmr gods put him on enemy team and we completely stomped the other team that it made me wonder, how the hell does he ever win a single game, let alone be in gold 5.


Hey…because he play and good sometime in some so good game situacions…player almost always play like that…and of course he play so bad, high % of his games.

For the game need new method how players be marched like many times i did try to suggest and advesiting.
Im sure you know my best topic with ideas.
Btw i quit the game until almost all my ideas be to finaly completed! I will wait 2 years HoTS devs!


Because Blizzard has the worst game service I’ve ever seen in my life. All they care about now is money. They don’t care about the dynamics of the game and matchamking. Of course, I’m not perfect, but in every game I had a lot worse players than me. My rating is in places now. I’m sure they don’t care about anything about the game right now. Already a few months ago, the game was overlooked. They cut off their official support.

We saw how the company that once made legendary games became slaves of money.

Congratulations, Blizzard, you’re sinking now.


Because the game design relies heavily on teamwork and counter-picks. Bad picks, bad match. Yet, there is an absurd amount of combinations you can end up with.