How do I get to talk to a human?

It get tiresome to try and get through to Blizzard employees, so could you PLEASE put a link in this chat so I can get some help? It is kind of a joke trying to get through to Blizard support. You end up in a maze and spend hours trying to get through. This is a perfect example of how bad bureaucracy can be. In fact I am impressed at how well you have disguised actual support. Good job avoiding helping people!

Hello Maginot, I don’t see any recent tickets from you (not for a long while) so if your tickets are going awry, it could be that you’re getting a generalized message because you’ve not identified your account. We will only be able to give a generalized response if we don’t know the account that had the problem, or if the person has not authenticated themselves as the owner (for privacy reasons.)

You may ask your question here but please do keep in mind responses on the forums will not be quick.

Hi Rejuvithorn - That is what this post is about.
I can not figure out how contact you because it is a maze getting through to you. I do not want to talk personal stuf in a forum.

If it’s not best handled on the forum, no worries. To guide you to the help you need I’ll need a hint about what the issue is. For example : hacked account, banned account, payment issue etc?

Anyways - you do not have to reply because I realized that HOTS brings nothing good to me. I cant understand Russian, so I can not socialize, and the balancing is ridicules - either you win 2 easy, or you get raped by the other team - Even games is like 1 in 1000 games. So I end up sitting playing a game that only frustrate me. I turned to DOTA and chose western EU so Now I can chat with my teammates. It actually made me rething my gaming, so I also quit WoW because of the same factor. Why play a social game when you can not socialize? Give me a call if you ever think about changing gameZones.

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You wont, make ticket and they will just coppy prewritten “troubleshooting messages” if it wont help you you gotta help yourself and all you will hear from them is sorry we cant help you instead of doing something on theyre end.

Honestly, this service is the biggest pile of [snip] I’ve seen in a long while. I’m surprised people don’t complain about this more. Multi-billion dollar owned company can’t hire 10 people to take care of the communities problems. [snip] outrageous when we’re spending money of their games. Activison dogs.

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“Hi we don’t see any tickets” YES BECAUSE IT’S [snip] IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE ONE. YOU JUST GET REDIRECTED AROUND THESE [snip] FORUMS AND [snip] COMMUNITY POSTS. Bunch of sweaty neckbeard [snip] wanting to get paid.

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HorizoN, I’m sorry that you’ve had an issue and can appreciate you want to vent frustration, but please do ensure that your use of language adheres to the forum code of conduct and then explain what issues your having in a thread of your own. As Maginot declined to explain the issue they had further, this thread has been closed.