I found a strange game feature?


Checking my documents in my PC, I found in Documents a folder of Heroes of the Storm, and inside there was another folder called Screenshots; well, it seems like it was full of 2 years of game screenshots, equivalent to many GB of data; the point is I NEVER took any of them, they were took by the game itself, and the proof is they were totally random: some were about my chosen hero in the lobby, some waiting the match to start, some of random moments inside the match (like my deaths or me getting back into lane or wandering around the map), some even waiting the game to load or even the home screen with old events and old heroes previews. All these screenshots started when I was lvl 52, and now I am lvl 700+, so you can imagine how much space they occupy; also, they were taken at some time period even of the same day of playing, like 20:33:20, 20:33:50, 20:34:05 etc. So I wanted to know:
a) what is that and what is the purpose? Random screenshots are useless, it’s not like the replay save;
b) how do I turn it off?
Thanks in advance.


you made me curious, so i search it and found it, just 400kb, one screenshot, witch i remember by the way.


So it’s only like that for me? I don’t know what to think, I really never took screenshots of the game, and of course I wouldn’t do it like that: why would I take screenshots of loading screens or black screens transitions or waiting the match to start in the lobby? After I deleted all of them, I checked again the folder and there are already 2 screenshots of two moments (completely random) of 1 of the 2 games I had; I even tried finding in Options if there was something like ‘Take screenshots every tot secs’ or similar, but nothing. I am confused.


Are you really sure you never press “prt sc/sysrq” button? Maybe you bind some command to it, or perhaps it has some “fn” functionality on itself which you often use and game might interpret it like you making a screenshot.


yeah…high interesing…i m sure you did bind this keyboard button,and you forget why you bind this keybourd button…:slight_smile:
Check in key settings ,for what you use “ptr sc/sysrq” button,and tell to us why and when you use it!
Would be interesing for us. :slight_smile:


Ok, hear me out guys: for some unknown reason, I had the Screenshot button bounded on P, so that means everytime I typed a ‘p’ in chat for normal conversations it took pictures too.
I don’t know why I decided to bound that function to the P, I think I was just messing with the hotkeys (as I said, the first screenshot was when I was lvl 52) so I modified that hotkey and then I completely forgot about it (now it’s back at the default Print Screen). I am just glad that I don’t have like 30.000 screenshots for 2.5 GB of garbage on my PC anymore. Thank you for your replies. :sunglasses: