I miss old Tyrande


I miss the times when Tyrande could do 100k damage in a game, she was a great support. Healer Tyrande is boring.


I feel u
after rework I only played her once after reaching level 19 with old tyrande
how great it felt when owl hits :smiley:


I used to go stealth heroic, made you run as fast as mounted and increased your auto attack damage.
Pop out of stealth with stun, D and then pewpewpew and kill someone (sylv or Zagara solo pushing lanes were my favorite targets). Good times.


Yep, espially im missing the “old” Tyrande, with AA build, E/Wbuild and! an Q build.

Talanet balance was not the best but like it when players can choose what they need most. More heal, more burst/poke or more sustain aa.

They new is always the same, cause her maximum potential (heal dmg) can’t be changed anymore if there is only 1 choice (dmg OR heal) on each tier.


Indeed, its a amazing how a hero got turned into a fun lvl farm (I must have done around 30 lvls with her in a short space of time) to one that I would barely play a few games in a year now. Just via a patch…


I feel the same. Tyrande is the hero i have played the most and have at the highest level. Also the hero i got the most MvP’s with in QM, by far. I loved playing her owl build


You loved playing with her what? :thinking:


HE he. Ups. That was ment to say build :slight_smile: