Imperius design (Just his looks)


So, I’ve been playing some Imperius on the PTR. And I have to say that his kit is really fun, I quite like it.

The one thing that does ‘annoy’ me, or kinda ‘puts me off’ is the way he looks. The proportions seem all wrong, especially the wings… In game they look so tiny, and kinda sad instead of majestic and proud. Even Auriels wings look majestic, and large.
Now, I don’t know anything about game design and stuff, but I feel that the shoulders, waist, and definitely the wings could be looked at.

What do you guys think ?


I agree with you. I am hoping that Blizz will see people discussing it and before his final release they will change his wings. It is also a bit odd how he walks instead of floating like the other Angiris Council does. But aside from it his armor and overall design is gorgeous.

But I am really hoping his wings get a bit of a reshape or increase in size. Or even perhaps with his E make his wings just stay up like they do at the start of the animation and glow with fire.


There are a lot of problems with the model, in my opinion:

  • His wings look unfinished, like they forgot to add some particle effects. They don’t look fiery enough.

  • The halo is way too big. I know it’s big in Diablo, too, but they made it too thick, and the pointy thing at the front is completely out of proportion with the rest of the model.

  • Shoulder armor is too big, but I guess that’s a Blizzard trademark these days. He’s literally looking directly into his shoulders if he looks left or right. I guess angels don’t have peripheral vision.

  • Also not a fan of the dark gold color scheme. It should be brighter to match the shiny look in Diablo, but I guess that’s an engine restriction thing.

  • The walk animation is pretty weird, though I can’t put my finger on exactly why.

Not the prettiest model they’ve released, but it’s not the worst, either. If I could change only one thing, I’d change the wings. The halo is bad, but the wings are atrocious.