Incredibly poor quality of games


Multiple instances of teammates going in outnumbered, going to an objective at low health against stealth or dive heroes, teammates communicating in different languages amongst themselves, just had a game where I had 4 deaths and everyone else had 12+ (some 15). Worst part is they say they’re playing well because they got a kill in exchange for their feeds. It’s just ridiculous, unfair and unfun.

Starting to wonder what the point of this “game” is anymore? I now see why the game has gone downhill, because these things aren’t dealt with and instead left to fester.


If you are refering to QM , i have just one word that explains it all - EXPANDING . Yes , expanding feature in QM that searches in lower MMR groups of players just to fill all slots/roles needed was the final nail in the coffin .
Since i use it to play whatever hero i want and not get bored to death to fill in HL /TL i see it ruins every game .
EVEN when every game in QM was 5v5 assassins was better than this EXPANDING . Today i had game vs a player who was Johanna and his acc was lvl 8 . He basically started the same DAY . He never mounts , barely moved , skill usage made him stood in place for seconds , was running into towers forts (obviously new and not knowing which planet he landed ) . A LEVEL 8 PLAYER , and my acc is 1820 :smiley: Come on …
Otherwise , i have hundreds of screenshots of thigs like this guy happening . Usually some of the players that are with me are in the range 100-200 .
They do all the wrong things you described . Dont soak , fight till death never backs to heal only if killed , doesnt care about any Talent advantages whatsoever , LET ALONE HEROICS :D, contest objectives with no mana , no health , Camps are something mythic ( they only heard of it , never capped one ) , pick all wrong talents required to counter the specific enemy team ( some are gamebreaking like Hanzo not picking Arrow or Varian solo war goes Colossus vs Garosh on the enemy team ) .
Sorry for the wall of text , but this will keep happening until they remove the EXPANDING . I already began EXPANDING to a different game ( still playing Hots tho ) , soon to be perma gone.


It might as well mean TL, because I get those poor quality games as well. Latelly I’ve been swinging between bronze and silver, as soon as I get into silver, it becomes extremely challenging to get wins until I get demoted again, then it becomes easier or even outright easy.
But, on my last demotion match, the enemy team got an afking troll so we managed to win. Since that I’ve won 5 games in a row and its been smooth sailing. Something incredibly fishy is going on with the matchmaking, I’ve been complaining about this for ages. Especially if you’re unlucky to get 3 DCs during season, you’re pretty much effed then with the teammates you gonna get.


Welcome to HOTS. Unbalanced matchmaking, unbalanced heroes, no dev feedback =)


The game is not easy be best in everything. If exist such peoples wich can work on the game for for an axamole 2 years…need more long time…