INSTANT REPORT for premades vs randoms


blizzard even removed the option to see if the enemy is in premade on loading screen that just further fuels the rage induced reports


What exactly are these reports for though?

Reports are for when players break the rules!

Exactly how is someone breaking the rules just because parties got matched up with five people playing who aren’t in a party?

It’s so silly

Are they trying to report the system itself to itself?

Expecting the system to punish itself?

Do they seriously think anything is gonna happen?

Who are these false reporters expecting to punish?


I have no intention of quitting or leaving behind Heroes of the Storm

I love this game

So I will not leave it and play another online massive multiplayer game especially during a time when Heroes of the Storm needs me to BE A HERO OF THE STORM!

Heroes of the Storm needs as many players as it can get!


If you are whining about your being matched with a PREMADE 5-MAN PARTY in a game which is completely a TEAM PLAY GAME , its not the Devs to Blame

Work on your interpersonal skills, your attitude, your communication, your behavior, your personality and find some frends to play with.

If you cant, then just b better at the game so that whether its premade 5man party, or 5 solo players, it doesnt effect u,

either way, stop whining, because, Whts NOT broken, Cannot be Fixed!!!


To all of you who replied to the owner of this post: ignore it.

This guy is the same who posted some toxic threads, like “Insta report on Zagara players” and such, saying that whoever plays Zagara deserves it, as she’s a joke hero or something along those lines; this dude is the embodiment of toxicity in the game, so if you keep giving him attention, he will continue with his annoying threads in the forums.


Dude, you should visit a professional. Seriously, I’m worried about your health.


You tell them brother!

I wish we could tell this together to ANYONE who complains about such issues in this game!


I would very much like to

But ignoring these posts all the time clearly are not helping all the time and is convincing more and more people that the European Forums are dead for some reason

Which just isn’t true!

I feel like if we ignore the problem people are just going to assume that they weren’t replied to because we thought they were right

When a lot of us clearly feel differently about it

It’s time that us reasonable people stop being silent about it

It is time FOR US TO RISE UP!

And tell these people who whine about useless things and accuse the game of being broken that it MOST SURELY IS NOT!

This game that we love

It may not be perfect

But we are here to help point out actual problems that exist so that they can be fixed

Not create problems when there aren’t any!

We come here to voice our opinions and let our developers and community KNOW what we want in the game we love

My fellow forum members

Be silent no more



wait, you cant see if a team is premade on loading screen? Weird because I was playing just now and it was showing me it (QM)


you cant, u can only see your own, not the enemy,
it will look to u as if they all went in solo :slight_smile:

wait, wht? im sure it doesnt in qm too, in ranked it doesnt,
u sure ?


No matter is it we reply to him or not,he will do it again(like me either)…:wink:


Noo,this my reply,WASNT to you!, A to this creator of topic Anfru…:slight_smile: