Is it not ok to try out new heroes in QP?


use try mode

Is this not the same as vs. AI?


No, try mode is like training, practice. You can try any hero you don’t own or own, have tools to instantly go to lvl 20 etc… to test it, should you buy it or not. 1 lane map, training dummies etc.

vs AI counts as a normal game, counts towards daily or event objectives, gives exp, you can play only heroes you have… or are free rotation… etc… just like a normal game but vs AI.

Regarding OP, yes… just another day in solo que QM :smiley:


Thanks for the detailed explanation, did not know that :wink:

Also thanks for the support everyone, felt good to hear!


Becouse it takes more skill too pull of a win in QM,with this matchmaking what skill lvl,dedication type of players you will play with in the 9 randoms.Trying to navigate through all those layers of rng to a win takes skill&luck.


idk why ppl take qm serious but its the most convinient way to play so I play it…like I could go unranked but then they ban new hero and I’m stuck wasting time…

that said, it finally happened! I got both murky AND abathur in same team (my team)!!!
Game gave other guys no specialists but 1 tank and 2 bruisers…I wonder why we only got Varian tho…qm matchmaking, brilliant stuff.


In try mode you can basically try all talent builds in a matter of second and see what dmg/effect those ability have. In vs. AI you need to spend several minutes actually playing against AI to test maybe like 1 talent build. Those enemies react differently than normal players and it teaches you bad habbits (e.g. overextending with certain abilities, because AI never punished you for that). Try mode might be similar, but you usually enter it with different mindset. It’s better to go fresh to vs. human games and gradually improve than learning bad habbits after few AI games where you absolutely dominated and then figuring out why what you learned is not working. Similar problems could also be visible if you rapidly switched leagues (e.g. playing gold and below and then queuing with master or GM friend).


playing QM I think is the only real way to try out a new hero. Sure you can try out abilities and talents in practice but even bots won’t tell you how good the hero actually is. That’s why you should just ignore or kindly explain to them that you’ve never played that hero.


That is correct although avoid saying to people this:

In my experience that leads to a report from other players and bad times so avoid saying that just try your best with the new hero because you don’t want for people to get tilted and complain about you.


Dear Staryu. Qm is a splendid place for trying out new heroes, and learning about their strenghts and weaknesses. Since the compos are so random, you’ll quickly find out who demolishes you and who you might fare well against. You can of course use the Try mode first to go over the skills (and perhaps this is advisable since it only takes a minute or two?).
Moose would also like to point out that Lunara is definitely a tricky deer/not newbie friendly. She’s squishy, her movement is weird, and with the… jump heroic thingy you might find yourself in places you probably shouldn’t be. So do not feel bad about your performance - you did your best, and that’s really all any of us can do.
And never, ever, never care about toxic trash like the ones you were playing with. Just block them and never look back. Oh, and… queue for another Lunara game.


…thats all fine and dandy, but people tend not to even read what their basic kit does, do a simple search “x hero build gude” for a quick read

They just go in and yolo it.

Call me old fashioned, but in my time 1st rule was RTFM.


I don’t know how many Genjis I have seen taking dodge for now reason


“Since the compos are so random, you’ll quickly find out who demolishes you”

strongly disagree with this. QM is no place to really learn new hero because comps make no sense, and unranked is no place because people will ban it all the time and ranked is no place because it will get banned AND you don’t know how to play it still…so yeah…


Lol I’m not proud of it but I’m guilty of that I Dodge out of fear :laughing::point_up:.


Tbh, there is no good site for HotS builds. And since hotslogs is bugged, there is also no way to see what talents people prefer to pick in ranked. So this approach is really not working that well for HotS.


If only there was an option to mute chat.

“the R-word” good god when did humanity become so soft and weak


Muting chat is not a proper solution. This is a team game. You should want to communicate with your team. Reporting helps to cleanse playerbase from people who don’t use chat for team communication, but instead for their personal vengeance.


I wrote the “R-word” because it’s not allowed to post spelled out.


You tried to write that someone is mentally challenged.


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