Is Ranked gonna be repaired?


Half a year ago I got to Diamond 3 purely climbing with my friends in TL. After they left the game I continued playing solo in TL and dropped to Plat 3 soon. We always had bad players/feeders, people who can’t count to 5 etc in games up until ML. But being at least 2 in the party we could carry it. Here it became pure random no matter what role you play. Someone will start a bad fight in disadvantage and you’re done.
After like 3 months of inactivity I came back to the game to revive my HL rating that left at Silver cuz I never played it since started TL. And it’s all basically the same. No matter how good you are having twice better stats it’s still random.
Is the game gonna introduce personal stats or something? Is that gonna change?


Your rank is not representative of your skill, the system is flawed and its a team game. If you really want to know where you stand, get a team of 5.