Is this enough?


There is nothing of technical nature in your post. You are naming and shaming people publicly for their behavior, which is against ToS.

As people said in other posts, all you should and can do is report them from within the game. If it really bothers you, you make a ticket in customer support.

But posting such content for everybody to see, this is just down right mean and shameful.


You hadn’t answer on my question.

How can I talk about it with Technical support?

Now, every way to do it led me to forum with 6 different topics. And yes, TS was the most appropriate.

And I want to read where have you find it. Cause I haven’t found yet anything about posting screenshots.


Indeed…but this guy want report auto system work and punish them…:slight_smile:
Its "normal " for our human race…i too talk toxic ,sometime in voice chat…i not use in game chat!


Its “normal” for our human kind … we always
want fight witch other and the game ( HoTS) is like " used weapon".
We cant life if not make wars,fights all the time…as you know our history proof that.


What you are doing is a bit of a grey area really

Publicly naming and shaming is strictly against community guidelines

Letting a screenshot do that for you while strictly speaking may not be the same thing could be considered close enough if your topic gets enough attention to warrant punishing you


“Accusing named or otherwise identified individuals, guilds, etc. of dishonourable behaviour, such as cheating or “ninja looting”, will lead to post/thread deletion and a suspension. While such warnings may sometimes be warranted, allowing targeting of others in such a fashion is open to abuse and thus not allowed. You may present your point of view while preserving the anonymity of those involved, and let the reader decide whether to contact you for details”

Read more about community guidelines here


Thank you. First constructive answer)

Maybe, you can say, how long it takes to get the answer from TS on my question? 2 days left already(

About that rule, I think It was made to prevent cases, when somebody intentionally publish personal information and asks to hate that person.

In my case, I tried to provide useful information for TS, (in forum - because this is the only way to talk to TS now, anyway I still hadn’t find another way, but I will) to be able to understand the situation. Tried to save TS’s time.


Russian players very rarely speak any other language than their own and if they speak english it’s mostly insults or threats. So it’s hard to feel sorry.


wow abusive chat, who cares what ppl are saying just mute the chat easy, stop being baby’s and take it like a man.

How can one abuse the chat, when people have the option to disable chat", i serious don’t get that.


The same way people can get hurt while inside a vehicle during an accident when they could have chosen the option of walking instead

If you want to go somewhere fast you use a vehicle these days

Just like someone uses Team Chat to help their team working together

Chat is a wonderful thing when used correctly in the game

You are not asking to get into an accident just because you chose to get into a vehicle to get somewhere fast

So why would you want to turn chat off every single time one or two people are abusive in public chats?

This is why a report category exists for “Abusive Chat”

So people can get rid of the troublemakers and still have a friendly chat with the ones who aren’t abusive


But how can you know it? You could meet lots of Russians and never knew they were Russian since they didn’t speak Russian. Your statistic doesn’t work.


That doesn’t make sense to me, why would i report a person saying #%/! in chat ?, if ppl are toxic i just ignore it, or even better disable chat, i seriously don’t get why ppl would report ppl for using the chat, maybe report all thise damn afk’er, trolls, and idiots.

I played soccer semi-pro, and believe me they talk #&%! on your team, but thats how it is, just not in video-games what a joke.


And that is your decision

But everyone else is not you or able to think and feel the way you do

Understand that



mute the person in-game really easy.


so it’s irrelevant in IRL, but its a crime in hots, you see where im coming from, that just BS.


Reporting for “Abusive Chat” does the same thing

With the added bonuses of blocking that person AND making their offense known to the people in charge so that they might be punished for their behavior with a Silence penalty or Suspension

A lot of people may whine and complain about it but this is a good system


but why silence players, it sounds like ppl can’t speak there mind, if that other person don’t like it, he will report you, and “abusive chat” is just a wrong penalty, everyone is toxic when it comes to sports, saying “WTF” is consider “Abusive chat”, and “WTF are you ppl donig, stop ignoring objective”, and u get silenced, again what a joke.


I am not

When I play a sport I come to experience the game and work together with my teammates regardless of whether it’s a virtual or physical sport

Just because most people are toxic doesn’t make it a good thing

And the company who made this game knows this

And I admire them for that

People should strive to always be good regardless of what the people around them are doing


So you saying you never said anything remotely toxic or abusive IRL sports ? you know what, i don’t believe you one bit. NO the report system is broken, i bet that no one in blizzard have played any sports semi-pro with alot of team-mates, without saying anything that is consider toxic or abusive.



Whether you believe it or not is your own affair


I think a big difference about talking toxic in real life and online is the anonymity, though people can be cruel in soccer its my opinion that its much harder to say it to a persons face then just throwing it out in chat, especially when u cant hear a persons sarcasm and react if you realize that you’ve taken trash talking too far.

I’ve read things in chat that i really doubt would ever be spoken out load even in the heat of the moment