KT in Brawl. ARAM


Maybe its time to ban this hero from the brawl draft? He’s the most insane hero in the game, and hes W winns all the brawl. hes 200% dmg over the others, and he just stand in the back throwing out hes W and hes Q hoping the aids spreads. and it dose, cause its ARAM…

Sure its brawl, and you “pros” dont care, But when blizzard ducks up this game to the point were its imposible to play QM or Storm legue. Than some of us find it only enjoyable to play brawl. that means ofc when its not a kt on the other side that make the map unplayable. u banned azmo, so now u can also ban kt. Dont think anyone will miss him.


It’s just a brawl. People only do those to get their weekly lootbox.


They don’t and even if they do, can we at least have fun?
What is this beyond moronic mindset