Kudos System suggestion


How much I said this. Let’s make this a full on topic!

it’s time for the dev’s to add a Kudos system. What’s a Kudos system?
Well just a fancy way of saying Endorse System.
Many games have it… even Overwatch has it where you can commend someone for being a team player, shot caller or a good sport / being fun to be around.

So Overwatch does this why would it be put in Heroes?
Well…Lootboxes, way of obtaining skins and such were all litteral ideas in Overwatch put into Heroes.
Why not this? It shouldn’t be too hard.

You can have rewards for showing the good players, but you can also commend players who aren’t on the list for other things.
How many times have you seen one player do something amazing or play really well and whats needed but doesn’t hit the list since a bad player that kept taking mercenary camps whenever got on the list insted?
That one support that did those epic heals… only to be denied by an average player just having a certain score?

Well heres where I want this Kudos system in.
Have us have badges to show other players our life time achievements.
This will naturally do the following:
-Devalue Smurf acounts as they have less kudos thus have no badge of trust.
-Give people a reason to be nice to others
-Have people focus on other things then just score.

Of course getting Kudos will bring rewards if it’s done the way of Overwatch. (Friends and party members cannot commend you and such)
You can get special rewards.
1: special mount for each catagory.
2: Special mount for getting enough votes in all catagories (100 on all classes)
3: Special badge at your profile
4: Maybe some immunity to people have big badges due to them being nice and good players? Not total immunity but it takes a higher amount of reports to get them to get banned or silenced.

This is what I suggest to the game so we can give people more reason to be nice.
Insted of constantly punishing them for every small misstep.
Remember that the biggest villians tried to be good and play by the rules but then got punished for seemingly nothing or small then just decided it’s not worth it. Give people more reason to be good.