Lagg in Draft, kicked from game, instant demo game


Why? isnt it frustrating enough to have this demotion/promotion system? do you have to punish me even harder by putting me, who had a frozen screen during draft into instant demo game?

And pls consider changing the demote/promote game system into one without these decouraging games. It’s tilting, and the game has already enough tilt possibilities.

Thank you for considering it. And pls keep up the great work. The game is awesome! <3 <3 <3

Happened again same issue same circumstances. First Pick Diablo, no connection loss but game frozen. After reopening the game, instant demotion game. But this time i got leaver queue. How exactly am i supposed to climb out of this silver hell? pls fix this it looks like it happens more often.


So blizz for the last few days the servers are really, really bad !!! i have a 200mb gaming internet connection and it’s so bad that i get 5-9 time’s disconnection’s in a single game, plus the match making is a joke for real now, we get 5 stack and 4 stack…one 2 stack and 3 stack in a game which means that it’s a 5 stack when my team has nothing then a 2 stack if we get that, and i see some players on the enemy team that are really crazy over 1.7 k lvl and even a 2.5 k and my team is with lvl 52 !!! ?? ? come on blizz what is this…i’m not often righting on forum but the last days were really, really bad !!!