Laptop hardware


i want to get a new laptop and i want to know if is good enought to run the game on extream settings
gtx 1050 ti 4gb
i7 8750h
Frequency 2,200 MHz
Turbo Frequency 4,100 MHz (1 core),
4,100 MHz (2 cores),
4,000 MHz (4 cores),
3,900 MHz (6 cores)
12 threads
12gb ram


You may want to post this in the technical support forum if you haven’t already :slight_smile:.

Technical support forums are here:


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These are official requirements. If I read them correctly any i5 meets recomanded.
You have mobile i7 of nearly newest generation. Since it looks like any i5 meets recommanded it means also mobile i5 can be considered recommanded. I dont think your i7 can be inferior to them. I suspect it is superior in many respects.
I apologise for not digging but try to compare your mobile i7 with i5 processor on CPU boss site or others. If you want extra “safety” compare your mobile i7 with desktop i5 (although “any” theoretically means that even mobile units are recommanded).
Your RAM and GPU are even less concerning than CPU.
So 99% you can run it on Uber details. If things go bad you can turn off physics which should help with 99.9% chances off success.
BTW: Some pros consider physics to be needless distraction so they turn it off despite having perfect FPS.

Aha remember that gaming laptops are more expensive than desktops of comparable performance.
Also they drain battery pretty fast so gaming laptop makes sense only when you are moving between hotels etc.
If you want gaming in park forget it. 2-5 matches and your batter dies.
If you want to play in bed rugs can cause cooling issues.
I don’t want to sound like laptops hater but they are very situational pick :wink:


Got i7 6th gen, gtx 980, 16gb ram laptop and I play it on extreme since alpha, or maybe actually soon post release, since I played alpha on my previous laptop. Got stable 50-60 fps in fullscreen windowed mode (got only 60hz screen so I don’t care, looks smooth). Only problem I have is an infamous first fight lag, otherwise game runs well. I’m nearly sure you will be capable of extreme setting on your machine, but then again, there might be some weird hardware specific bug so who knows :D.

Yes, that’s exactly why people buy gaming laptops. I do business trips sometimes so I usually take my work laptop and my gaming laptop both with me. Also I bought mine shortly before my exchange studies in Taiwan, so obviously it was way more useful than desktop. I am a person who values freedom laptop provides me and I am willing to pay for it :slight_smile:


Your 1050Ti will be limiting factor here. You should however be able to maintain 60fps+ on 1080p everything cranked up.