Leaver status buff dont disapear


Does anyone have a problem with leave status buff? I have the buff but it dont disapear no matter ao many QMs I play. It always says I need to play 1 more game.
I’ve already restarted the game and my PC and it doesnt go away.
Now I’ve tried to open a ticket and I also cant: I’ve got this message: 403 Access Denied.
If anyone can help me I will ge grateful.


Have you tried winning a game in Quick Match or Heroes Brawl?

Apparently leaver status secretly got changed to having to win instead of just playing now


I think that’s the case me and my best friend streamed hots on twitch yesterday he invited a guy who had 2 games to play before the leaver debuf ended we lost 2 games and his leaver status didn’t go away so yea I think you need to win those games in order for the debuf to go away.