Leaver status is quite impossible to get rid of


The situation of leaver status is… unsolveable? To win 3 low-prio games with leavers is kind of… you know… impossible? Leavers are leavers for two general reasons: bad internet, or rage. I’m kind of a competive player with my buddies, but now I can’t even play ranked, because I’m matched with people who don’t even want to play this game, so they just AFK or troll the whole match. BLIZZARD HELP


This. I like that the penalty for leaving should be hard but playing with afk-bots is frustrating. It’s even worse when I was kicked out of team league lobby for being inactive and getting the penalty even though I was active in there writing in the chat.


Did they change something recently in the system?

Last time I had a leaver penalty all I had to do was play a number of games in Quick Match or Heroes Brawl

Winning was not needed to get out of leaver penalty


Now you have to win those QM’s…

A good idea, because players may take QM more seriously, a bad idea because players now rage for losing QM’s.

I don’t mind, but Blizz should fix the bug where u ALT-TAB after selecting your hero only to return to a crashed game that claims you AFK’d.


They probably did this on purpose to prevent people from starting a game while doing other things on the computer

To reduce the amount of people that simply go afk accidentally


Once I’ve selected my hero the Blizz client will auto focus the moment the game loads, so I won’t be AFK. No normal person wants to sit around watching other heroes being selected for 2/3 minutes…

This is a frustrating intermittent error either way, it cannot be replicated and unnecessarily costs a player 2 hours worth of QM’s for Blizz’s own mistake.


Doesn’t work like that. Game is built on server side not client side. This is why we have long reconnect time during a match, constant DC’s, server side lag… etc…

Once you disconnect from a server, if session didn’t start, you can’t reconnect back, because session never started. You are literally removed from that session before it even began.

Session starts once game starts, because session ID is stored in the replay. You can reconnect to a active session from your reply, server detects that session is active and matches it with your reply ID then tries to place you back at current session time index from time index of your replay.

…its ancient technology, entire backend that is supporting this is from WC3.


This is just horrible to know

I have been suspecting for a long time that Heroes of the Storm has been built on faulty technology that came from StarCraft 2

Knowing that it’s even older has left me feeling really disappointed in the developers

It’s like they made one good game in Warcraft 3 and has been recycling the same technology since then

Completely unacceptable from a technical point of view!


That is pretty much true. They do update the engine regarding resolutions, textures, graphics etc (all client side)… but not too much when it comes to server side stuff and connections etc.


I think you’re misunderstanding. The client is running in the background while I’m browsing the net (after selecting my hero). It does ‘request’ focus the moment the game starts, so there is no reason to AFK.


I understand you full, but game… or rather match is built or being assembled on the server, not on your client. So if your client disconnects from the server, you loose the match.

Reason why your client disconnects from the server is completely different matter. HotS seems to be very unstable when it comes to that.

Yes, they should improve that, but problem isn’t client side, its server side.


I hear you. The original thread of the discussion was around whether the Blizz client deliberately disconnected me because I ALT-TAB after selecting my hero (to prevent AFK), to which I replied that what I do on my PC after selecting a hero should not impact Blizzard, as the game client would automatically gain focus once the game starts.

But yes, its painful that it is often faster to exit the game client completely and restart HOTS than to wait for reconnect…


Shouldn’t happen to be honest. Might be that you used your entire bandwidth and your connection peeked. Like a mini DC :slight_smile:


Neah, I’m on 100mb’s fibre and my Blizz connection is still fully functional at the time, I’m not even disconnected from BattledotNet , which is all the more frustrating. Just happened again now… lost XP and 4 QM’s. Mega annoying :rofl:


ahhh well, you seem to be doing Einsteins theory of craziness… doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

Stop alt tabing during draft :wink:


The issue is intermittent however. It doesn’t happen every time I alt-tab as I alt-tab just about every game. I thus cannot state with certainty that the issue is necessarily related to doing that and that it would not have happened in any case had I not alt-tabbed.

I agree that one option would be to stay in game for another 2/3 minutes or longer, even if just to mitigate risk, but really the correct solution would beto fix the issue where once a player has selected their hero in draft, they cannot be disconnected permanently.

I’ll try Windowed mode, there is some talk about that being an option.


If you watch Fan on youtube, he is a ex pro HotS streamer, think he was in Tempo Storm, he does that all the time.

Goes into windowed, and switches back once he is in the game.


Unfortunately still a problem, even in Windowed mode. My hero was already selected successfully, the enemy had to pick their hero. Next moment I return to see their counter is at 0 and when the game client eventually exists I have 3 quickmatches to win.

Very frustrating.