Leaver status is wrong


Now, I was playing the game in ranked, we were winning comfortably, enemy had no more keep health and my team had all towers still standing, we had 20 on them and were going for obj (hanamura) when my computer froze.
I restarted the PC and the game and quickly as possible logged in, took maybe 2 mins. And voila, I have leaver status and “will be matched with other leavers” (read, blizz mm voodoo will be giving me some “awesome” teammates in my future games. I lost rank points ofc, and even tho I had score 8-2 by then, now I will start losing all my games. The fact I came back so fast and the game ended can only mean my team actually won the game, why is it counted as loss for me then?
At least don’t count it for me as a loss if others won, and by god don’t start feeding me noobs…


Yeah…its so bad dude…so bad…“try life that”…
They will not change that!.
Dont waste your time in forum.
Better try fix your PC…if your PC is in healthy status…this will not happen!.


It never done something like this before tho. I got new gpu a month ago, but I had no problems with it so far, nothing else changed.
They need to implement a system that judges if you bailed or it was accident at least. Why would I leave a game thats in the bag.


Explain how can be wirte such program wich will.detect if is PC problem?! :slight_smile:
I doubt so much to exist such gamer programer to create/ wirte such program.

Try send tehnical ticket then to them…:slight_smile:


simple, like if a football game one team leads 3:0 and the minute is 85, its safe to presume that team will win unless they’re up against Bayern. Same here, its safe to presume I’m about to win so why would I leave?

My experience today with hots:

que game, do well, have fun, almost win, one glitch - leaver status

proceed to lose 2 qm games in a row in silly nonsense games without tanks and healers up against the likes of butcher. Thanks blizz, really had fun, now I’m going out to the beach instead, why waste my time on this game tbh.


If you are in party will count like win,solo count lose everytime.

WIN 3 games with leavers,it`s special event