Leavers cause losing ranks


Hi, it does not seem fair we loose 200xp in team league when we have 1, 2 or even 3 leavers on our team. Thanks


I am really angry and i agree with Wolverine, bcs I just played game, where left 3 players during first 5 minutes… like really… 3? They were NOT in a group so no reason something like family urgent quit or lets give up together and play another game… no they just left 1 by 1 with no reason. So I was there with Rexxar only and even 2v5 it took enemy team 22 mins to defeat us, but what we had from this game? Just wasted time, and bad and angry feelings, bcs we could wasy win. Game leavers (game ruiners for me) deserve to be banned, so ppl would think next time before they join game and imidietly leave it… Ofc, players can make fake reports, so ask reporters for screenshots or look into system of that date and time. I have screenshots of almost all my reported players as proof…I am talking just for myself. Bcs gameruiners/leavers/giveupers will destroy even residues of this nice game…