Leaving Player Problem and Suggestion


I almost lost 10 Quick Match games in a row because there were leaving team members in each and every one of them. In my last Quick Match, 3 of my team members left while all 5 of enemy players were present. It was a horrible game experience.

Points that needs improvement

  • AI is not good enough. They suicided constantly and its hard to control 3 AI’s with 2 team members using pings
  • Leaving penalties seems not effective enough.


  • Putting leaving ratio in matchmaking algorithm.


In ranked losers should get no penalty in this situation, while losing leaver / afker gets let’s say - 500 points and each winner gets only + 100, because they won vs leaver / afker.

This way there are no undeserved minus points. This and smurf MMR abuse are in my opinion 2 non technical things which this game failed to manage and are solved by other MOBAs. Unfortunately developers lacked basic skills to implement this and prevent player frustration when loses are determined by other factors than how team performed. I played a bit of DotA in Warcraft 3 through DotA League, they already had this system to punish leaver only. HotS is in Ice Age of MOBAs.

People wonder why game is declared dead. If you do something late, you need to do it better than others to succeed and in this case Activision didn’t even bother to come up with any solution.


Indeed,this big fail of now current ppls in HoST team and ex one. Such penalty - points must be added possible fast. But ppls are smart and can cheat this AFK or kick out the game and these 3 games only in QM or Unranked are not enough…penalty rules must be increased and they must work of new reffer judjment report system . Like inv more ppls to watch aĺl replays ,such cheated AFK repports .In report system program should be new code words " Cheat AFK" . And this should be clearly explained in this new report system program. Cheat AFK mean if players move only in base or do not add in fight. This gave up feel or decisione is bad sometime. But of course in many games situacuions ,team or players really gave up. Or they just be like kamikadzes…:slight_smile:
Other problem is our real life stuffs…
" I dont care about is it be punish in games,beacuase i have to do much more important things in my life".
But some players ,simetime cant make smart decions between real life stuffs and game, or be sellfishs…" I dont care about is it this my current team lose this game or not"… they just decide to do that. That why Blizzard refuse to punish such players. As you know that very well…:slight_smile:
Then such players must be make out or punish or play only in vs AI 10 or 15 or 20 games. Because they decide to play AI. And indeed…because they know very well whar is whole situacion in game…and would be nice for them to play only vs AI…:slight_smile:
Or think like this way…
" Why i should dmg my nerfes with some idiots wich cant play so carefu?!“l or " They did few mistakes”, or like " Why should play with some idiots ,wich cant understand what are strategys in game?!"… or like " Better to play with AI ,insted with humans"…:slight_smile: