Linux - An unexpected fatal error occurred


Im trying to run the game on linux with wine. When I want to start it then the game goes fullscreen but everything’s black and disappears immediately. Then a window appears and it says that an unexpected fatal error occurred.


Hello Retekember,

Unfortunately, Linux is not a supported OS for Heroes of the Storm, therefore, I can’t make any suggestions.

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What’s your opinion?


i’m running hots with wine 4 and copying 2 files:
/${YOURFULLPATH}//Heroes of the Storm/Support64/d3dcompiler_47.dll to ~/.HotSPREFIX/drive_c/windows/system32/ for DX11.
/${YOURFULLPATH}/Heroes of the Storm/Support64/d3dx11_42.dll to
my issue is fps, 30 in linux, 120 in windows