Looking for friends? Look here!


https:// prnt.sc/jl9fqe

Good morning/evening/noon!
As you clicked the post, i must have caught your interest, so let me explain a little about “Pusheen”.
The server is based around loneliness, as quite a lot of people deal with this on a daily basis. It was made in the hope of finding friends as some people find themselves without friends to play with. Some may not know how to make friends, and others may experience the “these are not real people behind the pc screen, so we can do and ditch them whenever we want” - mentality.
Our server is trying to change that, by giving a platform where there is an friendly and social atmosphere. A place to grow, have fun and feel comfortable. It’s a tool given for free, but you need to use it yourself.

Currently we got games such as: Escape from Tarkov, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, PUBG, Overwatch, Dead By Daylight, Minecraft, Destiny 2 and Rocket League.

We also play games such as Skribble, Cards against humanity etc. once in awhile, where everyone can join in.

We don’t want 1000+ people on the server as we like it to be more personal and for friendships to form. So if you are interested in a tightly knit community who has fun together, a general chat that can be on fire once in awhile, and a place where you can talk about anything that comes to mind, join us now!

This link will take you to the servers “holding cell”. Don’t fear, it is simply because we like to welcome new members. Once you have done as our dear Tatsumaki asks, you will get full access to the server.

https:// discord.gg/YraYhzR

We prefer that you are 18+, as we want you have to be respectful and friendly.


Friendly bump :slight_smile: I joined this discord community and they seem really friendly and nice :slight_smile: