Looking for players to play with.


Like to play generally any mod. Have a few friends I play with sometimes, but looking for a few more people to play with us.
Enjoy having a high winrate, but also enjoy having fun, and a non-toxic environment.
Usually start to play around 6-8 pm EST
Discord Id : GameDog#4178
Heroes Id: GameDog#1868

Add me if you want to play :slight_smile:


i am looking for a party to level up in storm league, I keep getting matched with ppl who are deaf to pings and blind to obj :confused: ,
But i play assassins mostly, Li Ming i been playing now a days. Teleport Build.
I am available on 6-8pm EST , lets see if we can get along in a team :slight_smile:


Hi, I only play QM since I don’t think I am good enough to play ranked games yet. I mainly play healers, and these days are training on assassins like Li Ming and Kael. Play mostly in the evening, too. Add me if interested: Dracia#21483 :smiley:


what healers do you play?
i generally dont need healers, coz i play Li Ming
her resets keep giving me health.

N ranked play is fun, its not about if you are not too good,
its about following pings even if you think they r wrong calls,
just need to stick with the team,