Lost rank points by being away from computer



I’m a gold 2 player, currently with around 350~ rank points in. I had a game this morning we won and I was around 550~ rank points. After the game I wanted to get some food before the next game, I leave my computer untouched for 20~mins and when I come back and press play, hero league says “Demotion game” … THIS must be some kind of bug, else I’d really like to know why Im now on a demotion game, and how I lost my points with just being AFK in the “play menu” … Any help?


The most likely explanation is that you queued for another game but were afk when the draft started. Either you queued out of habbit before leaving, or a cat, kid or other person queued by accident for you.

While i dont think theres much you can do if the game somehow managed to queue itself for HL without any user input, you can at least check your match history. That would at least confirm that the game believes you dodged a game.