Lost vikings need rework or just baf


I think that the Vikings are a bit of a wrong hero, it’s certainly interesting to score on the line while this trio in afk collects EXP, but for the hero it’s not enough. I think it’s worth giving them the magic armor along with the quest for spheres as one magician can easily turn the game into nonsense, cut talents for treatment, as there is no sense at the 7th level to take anything else, you can add abilities to them,
for example Q-big ram for Eric. he runs like a sprint and, crashing into a hero, gives him 2 seconds of stun, but he himself lies in stun,
W-baleogs rage

he type in the area distributes the acceleration of the attack by 30%
and the baleog itself runs 10% faster but takes damage
E- raise shields on olaf he allegedly raises the shield upwards and gives shields around the shield one at all - that is, if he gives 500 shields to himself and Raynor and then Raynor will take 250 damage, then the Olof will also have 250 shields while applying the olaf cannot attack.
in exchange for buffs, it is possible to reduce the experience they are collecting so that they could benefit in timfayte and not just collect EXP on lines