Make "expanding search to reduce match time" optional


I’d rather wait for half an hour than live through some of the match ups that are being generated after the matchmaking expands after 30 seconds.


Others would not, they cant please everyone.

Unless they give you a check mark to “Wait until you get a good comp” but even then the MM doesnt think about hero synergy and stuff and it can still be a steamroll.


Hence the term “Optional”

I also would rather wait for a decent match than one that is pointless to play. I frequently do work in the background when waiting anyway


Soo…you want to be marched with so careful players wich know when do to get xp draft well,choose helpful talent builds,right?!
And im sure player wich had 2600- 2800 MMR and to be with you right?!

But i can tell you and guarantee you that…exist players wich had for an axample 1500- 1600 MMR rating and can play like Master. 4 years game life proof that.

But what will happen when MM would not find such highest MMR players?!:slight_smile:

You must indeed that suggest at them.
What exactly must be this MMR player.
First must be defite.
Then system will start such players with same rating MMR.
Do you understand me now?!:slight_smile:

I know what you would say…" I dont care i not understand , i just want"…right?! :slight_smile:

Indeed suggested topic
“Make HoST most epic game in gameing industry this year”…of Brutalnot topic…read it again careful ideas…if you want game be like this vers. then ypu must support it or vote up. Only with this way Blizzard would mark or takes of high attentione it in his plan work ans then they will start work on it… and then the game would be better.
To now current vers of MMR not always all the time match us with such high game xp-ed players wich can play so carefuly. In this suggestione exist one encourge balanced play of all classes reward idea.
Just go read it…if you " think " about some ideas are so bad…then will explain at you and start argue with you why is better than yours " worng way of thinking".
Indeed this one of biggest human problem.
Peoples think from his own point of veiwe and " think " they are " always for right for everything"…but they not " think" they can too worng about something.

They can work on cross sever with US.
Valid for whole all my ideas.
And better tell to Blizzard how exactly must be this long queue of vers MM . Spend your energy into that,isntead only suggest that.Blizzard team search such ideas how whole game to work better. To now for 4 years…playerbase only adressed what are problems .
We must say how exactly must be reworked the game. But ideas or suggestionels must be so smart thoughtled without problems.
I did read many…but…not so many wich are better. If ask Blizz devs about that…they can tell you…that…" you did suggested to us to now so many ideas,but they are not better or so smart thoughtled"…
Indeed thisinr biggest problem of both sides in us and them.
Now they collect such ideas and in past time.
Because start hard thinking. :slight_smile:
I did suggest also different vers. of QM. :slight_smile:
If you want quality games, instead this less mess match ups…then…start support my ideas.
And they now work and from avarage 3 moths ago time on tools or info what is our mistakes in game and how we can improve our game skill. This tool be like sumilar vers. of this tool wich slide pop up in
end game window stats info.
But such tool ot info cant help a lot for one player improve himselfs. Because such players first teach himselfs and inderstand what is his mistakes and so umportant human factor is improve like human first then like gamer.
To now while i play only in Brinze try to teach such players. Or such tool be like " self game teacher “…
This patch will come this spring ( avarage time) i guess.
But need and penatly rules and points.
Like i did suggest in this part of this Brutal ot topic( seach it).
I know high % of playerbase are lazy and wait Blizzard do that or mean to wait them…” because right this his game and work"…right?!:slight_smile:


i can’t be bothered to read this wall of text, sorry.
i don’t want to be matched with godlike players, i want decent comps. i don’t wanna play as abathur + gazlowe + nazeebo + 1 melee + 1 ranged against a double bruiser comp with tass or medivh and a good backline. i don’t want to play matches without a tank or support or a match where one team has dual melee and you have none.
i don’t want to be on the losing side of that, i don’t really want to be on the winning side of that as well tbh. those matches are a steamroll in 9 out of 10 cases and that’s not fun. it’s not fun to be steamrolled but it’s also not fun to steamroll yourself. at least to me.
that’s what i want and i’m willing to wait for it. what i don’t want is the matchmaking to switch to “whatever lulz” after 30 seconds.

@vision the term “optional” indicates exactly that. read -> comprehend -> then post


Ook…then support topic of Brutalnot…if more peoples “think”…its worth to be work on this vers. of the game…then…Blizz would take seriose and will be add it in game.
And what you mean about Vision term " optional" …“read”, " understand", " then post"?!


I did, i read the post in its complete form, title was just there but i didnt think it would include vital information that was left out of the post itself.

Bottom line, i agree.


I dont have a clue how hard or easy it would be to implement such a feature, but I’d love to have it. It feels really sad and boring to end up with a bad team comp against a team that got lucky with theirs, and having to spend next 5-15 minutes fighting an uphill battle that you know you probably gonna lose. Just really not a fun feeling. I’d rather spend those same 5-15 minutes waiting in queue while doing something else, and not have to be upset over failed matchmaking, hoping to get lucky next game. For now though, I’ll have to play draft\ranked, even if I just wanna play QM.


Fracturing MM with optional settings just increases queue time for everyone, not only for those who check that option. Also could be way over 30 minutes :wink:


We can use a few options though.
Not all but a few.

Like for say: “Role preferences”
Note: "Preferences…"They can be ignored in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s say you don’t want to play tank. Turn off the preference and you will be put together with people who adore playing tank.
Sure… most people want to play assassins (it’s 50% of the roster afterall).
But as long as the game puts 1 of each in minimal and a wild card at the 5th. It should improve match quality overall.
Flexiable players get more matches… Smurf’s who play 1 hero get less.

It stops smurfs, encourages learning more of the game, it increases hero sales abit and it makes veterans more valuable then their smurf acounts.

But yea that’s all I can say that I want to add.
For some the queing times will LOWER but others the will RISE and I say… too bad. Be diverse and learn the game already.


There is a setting that allows you to select a group of heroes you want to play and gives bonus experience as well. It is the question mark at the begining of the roster.