Massive framerate issues since latest patch

As the title suggests, ever since the latest patch i have massive drops in framerate i have never experience before. At first i thought it was my pc only, until i heard other people complaining about it in chat. Some suggest it is tied to the new weather system, the us forum has a thread about it:
All i can say for me is that it occurs during brawl (which is the only game mode i play) and consistantly shows up during the lvl11-12 phase and them persists towards the end of the game in waves. Framerate drops so low it severely impacts play. For me atleast it doesnt always happen when the weather graphics kick in, but i cant really think of any other graphical or technical thing that has changed in the last patch that would cause something like this.

Edit: Something i remembered is that, i have the game installed on a HDD, when the framerate drop happens, my hard drive is going crazy. Maybe its a loading/location/memory issue?

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Full memory (= RAM) could cause stuttering, memory useage has not changed to a noteworthy degree since version 50.2 though.

There is actualy a thread over on the US forums about this where the community are submitting their system files to assist the developers who are investigating this issue.

You may want to keep an eye on that thread for updates to the issue.

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